Digital Marketing Certification – Way Towards Success


Digital marketing is an originating field of developing India. And you should know every aspect of this field. I am going to explain to you the importance of digital marketing certification with the help of just 6 questions. Since these are the questions students and fresher candidates ask.

“Digital marketing is a simple and assured way to market different products, brands or things and promote them online. We use different conduits like blogs, websites, search engines, mobile marketing, social networking, etc. to promote a product rather than using hoardings or television to market it. All these conduits are different fields of DM.”

Before knowing its importance, let us first understand about Digital Marketing. “Digital marketing is a simple and assured way to market different products, brands or things and promote them online. In addition, we use different conduits like blogs, websites, search engines, mobile marketing, social networking, etc. to promote a product rather than using hoardings or television to market it. All these conduits are different fields of DM.”

 This is just the beginning.

Read further to know the role of DM certification.

Do you know that Digital Marketing is a short and sure path for you to flourish in your life? If not then read all the six discussions coming your way.

‘What is the role of Certification in DM?’

  • Firstly, you can earn a handsome amount of money if you opt for DM as a career. I’ve discussed this in my previous blog. Also, in today’s digitized world, candidates having certified skills and talents are in demand by many MNC’s (Multi-national Companies). At present, there are around 2 lakh job opportunities in DM globally.
  • Secondly, certification means attaining a certificate for your skill. It can be a diploma or a degree. When we talk about DM certification, you must know that you can get certified in one or more fields of DM. You can even do a short-term course but from a recognized institute.
  • Besides, certification helps a person to develop his/her skills.
  • Also, it gives you a golden key to unlock the doors of several job opportunities.
  • A company is always in search of fresher candidates who have versatile talents. Hence,  you can achieve this versatility by Digital Marketing Certification.

‘What you will become after getting certified?’

Can you analyze something from the pic above? Let me tell you.

  • You will be able to learn all these skills while you pursue a certification course. Skills like analyzing, promoting, managing, measuring, governing, etc. can become your strengths.
  • After getting certified, you will be a trained person with developed digital skills.
  • You will become a learned person who can think of various strategies at the time of need.
  • Lastly, you will become a great marketer in the digitized world but with practice and focus.

India, though a developing country, has started to focus more on the digital world. It will soon become a digital hub globally. Our honorable prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has initiated a scheme named ‘Digital India Campaign’ which will become a success in the near future.

Let’s see the next question.

‘Why will a company hire you?’

After understanding the role of certification and knowing your strengths, it will be easier for you to understand this answer.

  • Foremost thing is, in today’s digitized world a company is in search of people. People who can help them make huge profits by means of DM.
  • You will be hired from amongst a huge crowd waiting for an opportunity. This is because you not only have talent but you have attained a certificate for your talent or skill.
  • Companies want to hire people who have expertise in their work.
  • Above all, presenting multiple skills in your resume will pull the interest of recruiters towards hiring you.
  • In India, there are many companies who are in search of skilled applicants. And you will be able to end their search by having a certified skill in your resume.
  • You should also have the capability to make different strategies and know how they have to be applied.‘Whilst one can outsource execution, one can’t outsource strategy.’- Tracy Follows, VCCP.Thus, knowing about strategy building will further add glittering stars to your resume so that a company gets interested in hiring you.

You will be able to learn about strategy building, strategy application, planning, implementing, professional skills, etc. during a certification course.

What next?

 The answer is obvious. I am going to discuss the fourth question.

‘What are the beneficial points of Digital Marketing Certification?’

Here I am giving you an account of its advantages.

  • learn soft skills, team working and planning while doing a course in any of the fields of DM.
  • acquire the knowledge to showcase your skills in the market.
  • talents get developed.
  • become a multi-skilled person after doing a certification course in Digital Marketing.
  • can take your skills to the next level of advancement.
  • acquire creative skills and problem-solving ability.
  • get the advantage over your competitors at the time of interviews.
  • also, learn to handle any situation without any supervision after gaining experience in this field.
  • will acquire professionalism and optimism in your attitude.
  • Lastly, your confidence and personality will get a positive lift.

Next, we have our fifth and the second last question.

‘What a standard company expects from a digital marketer?’

Nowadays, every company wants their products or their brand to be promoted and marketed digitally so as to earn huge profits. These companies are in search of people who can stand on their expectations.

Few of them are stated below:

  • A person who has the capability to pull the traffic on a website through strategic plans.
  • A person who has the knowledge to optimize and advertise a product online. ‘Advertising is the lifeblood of the digital economy.’- Nick Stringer, IAB, UK.
  • You should know how to market a product or brand through mobile, email or content.
  • Also, one who has good managing skills.
  • Other expectations include good analyzing and understanding skills.

You must have understood now what a standard or a multi-national company expects from a candidate and that through the certification you can fulfill all the above expectations. And remember: ‘Always deliver more than expected.

Now check the last question for adding more about DM certification to your knowledge.

‘What are the different job profiles you will be offered after certification?’

Profiles like social media marketer, content writer, content manager, SEO specialist, SMM junior, strategist, analytics junior, PPC expert, etc. are offered to job seekers who have certified skills in these subjects.

Below are a few profiles with their expectations from you:

  • SEO manager: Search Engine Optimisation is an organic way to take the rank of a web page to great heights. A manager or SEO junior should know how to bring that visibility on any search engine. Also, a certified SEO junior can apply for the post of SEO manager. ‘The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.’- Bill Gates. And you have to be an internet freak for this post. 
  • SEM specialist: Search Engine Marketing Specialist should know how to increase the visibility of a web page through advertising, purchasing traffic, etc. This profile is meant for a person who can use all his senses to achieve the goal of a company. You learn all such skills in a certificate course or diploma.
  • SMM junior: Social Media Marketing junior should have expertise in marketing a product or a brand on social media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This profile requires a person having a keen interest in social media.‘Understanding how to behave in social media is easy; be nice or leave.’– Faris Yakob, Chief technology strategist.
  • Email marketer: This profile requires a person who understands the need for keeping his clients updated. How to keep them updated, how to use autoresponders and newsletters to do this job is taught in a certification course.‘There are unlimited opportunities for display advertising.’– Google.
  • Web Analytics junior: This is a profile for those who have certified analytical skills. You have to analyze the traffic on a web page. You have to perform business and market research. And find ways to enhance the traffic on the website. You can also do this if you have attained certification as a Strategist.
  • Mobile Marketing Head: For this post, you should have a certification in Mobile Marketing. A mobile marketing head has to provide instant updates and promotions to subscribers. This includes good knowledge of mobile games, apps, QR codes, SMS, etc.
  • Content Marketing Specialist:

The job of a content writer is to frame a content that attracts the reader towards the website. This is done to increase the traffic and also to promote the brand or product. You should do a certification course in content writing and marketing to get skilled in this field.

Therefore, these were a few job profiles which I have discussed. Now it’s your turn to decide which profile you want to choose as your career. And in which course you want to collect a certificate and from where you can do it.

I have also explained the benefits of certification in Digital Marketing. And also the expectations of a good company from a job seeker. So be confident in what you do and get certified to change your talent into a certified skill.

‘The new information technology, Internet, Email, etc. have practically eliminated the physical cost of communication.’– Peter Drucker, US management consultant. This defines that Digital Marketing is an emerging field with a huge number of opportunities. And you should try to enter this field, once you get the perfection certificate.

I hope you have understood the importance of Digital Marketing Certification from the above six questions. So try to implement what you have understood and prepared yourself for making a bright career after certification.

Good Luck.


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