Coaching Class – Trend Or Necessity?

Coaching class which parents believe will miraculously change their children’s lives for the best and queue up to enroll them in. Coaching classes have become so much of a trend now that it seems to be the right, socially acceptable thing to do. So are they actually worth the hype or not? Let’s see.

Firstly, like everything else, coaching classes were started to meet a demand. The demand, in this case, is mainly of two types. One being for colleges and the other being for jobs. When it comes to college-level learning, we have nationwide eligibility exams put in place such as JEE, NEET, etc. It seems to be commonly acknowledged that what is taught in schools alone isn’t enough for scoring high in these exams. On the other hand,  there are also coaching classes for jobs because job entrances test aptitude and a variety of other aspects that are not really covered in school or even in some colleges that matter. So we also have coaching classes offering training for placements and also competitive exams such as UPSC.

Considering the wide need for coaching classes, it is only natural that there ate many centers and trainers who have popped up for this very purpose. However, is joining a coaching class always advantageous?

The most obvious advantage of joining a coaching class is definitely the coverage of portions on a deeper level than is usually considered at school or college. Therefore, technically, joining a coaching class will widen your knowledge on the core subjects and the topics included in the syllabus.

Another great utility offered by coaching classes is the vast number of sample question papers and tests. It can be argued that question papers and such can be found on the internet but then again, the ease of availability differ and of course, there is no need to filter out questions or anything of that sort. But, a minor drawback remains, that is, question papers are not personalized based on individual students’ strengths and weaknesses but even this point can easily be shut down because such sample papers are based on the way different portions are weighted in actual examinations. These repeated tests give students an edge over the competition because they get to practice important topics constantly.

Coaching classes usually offer their own materials which mean that students can use these books for their reference even if they have doubts in school. these are not only useful for actual studying but also if they want to have a look at the overall portions altogether. These books cover the complete syllabus in a concise and understandable way while still having enough detail and are hence an extremely useful resource.

On the other hand, many students find it difficult to balance their school work and their work in coaching classes. studies have found that Indian students already spend more hours than students in other countries do at school.  add this to the extra hours of coaching classes which sometimes take place every single day it adds up to a very stressful work life. So it takes someone with really good time management skills to be able to balance both school and coaching class.

Another point which can be noted is that the concentration of these training centers is usually higher in cities and less in other areas and for this reason, many students are forced to leave their hometown even when they are still of schooling age and live in other cities so that they can get on with preparations for exams such as IIT and NEET. Because of this, many students get homesick while many parents are forced to spend a lot of money since the cost of living in city areas is significantly higher compared to rural areas.

Another drawback could be the fact that in some coaching centers, especially the more renowned ones, the strength is really high so this could prevent students from getting individual attention and also because of this staff may not be available for clearing doubt after hours as they would already have their hands full.

Last but definitely not the least, is the price tag. Coaching class training centers on average charge around 1 and a half lakhs per year and sometimes 50-75000for crash courses lasting around 2 months. this isn’t really a very affordable amount and as a result, many parents forced to make sacrifices so that their children may have a brighter future.

At the end of the day,  joining a coaching class is not synonymous with success. No matter how good a center may be, it is up to the student to put in the necessary work. Frankly speaking, the success of the student depends on themself. some students may find a coaching class environment a better place to study. Some may be better at self-study and referring to a new book on their own and finding topics they are interested in and focusing on those.  other students may need that extra little push which will be given by coaching classes. The key is for a student to evaluate their own studying methods and based on that, decide whether joining a coaching class is an actual necessity for them.


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