What Is & How To Be A Teacher?


Teaching is one of the respected professions in the world.  Main Bhagwaan se Pehle Teacher ko pranam karta hun Kyunki usi ne mujhe Bataya Bhagwaan Kaun Hai. This is our feelings towards a teacher. For students, teachers are no less than God. Hence, they seek their blessings. Teacher “GURU” hote hain. Furthermore, teachers are a symbol of knowledge, intelligence, care. Arjun in Mahabharat was an obedient, intelligent student of his teacher Guru Dronacharya. Guru Drona loved his student Arjun. Therefore, the tale depicts a student-teacher relationship. Career Counselling Platforms talk about teaching as a profession and this blog will help you understand how to Choose a Career as Teacher

Teaching is a profession common in practice. That is to say, it has been there for decades and will continue to be there.

Mummy Kehti Hai, Teacher Ban Jao Sab Se Acha Profession Hai. Hence, many consider teaching to be the perfect career.

It is not easy to teach and make people understand. You need special skills. Also, it takes efforts to make kids great at Math, Science, English and a hell lot of subjects.

Do you wear your mother’s glasses, hold the stick in one hand and act like a teacher to your younger brother? Did you try to copy the style of teaching of your favorite Teacher? Do you aspire to become a great teacher one day?

Ponder over these questions and you will get your answer whether you want to become a teacher.

Congratulations! You have made the right choice and teacher is the right career for you. Teach the world and empower them.

What is Teaching?

Teaching is a profession of education. Furthermore, it involves making people learn particular things. Above all, it is the process of attending people’s needs, interventions, specifications. Teaching also aims at making people a better human being.

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher is a person involved in the profession of teaching. Hence, a teacher is one who is enthusiastic about teaching, subject matter and students. He is the person involved in educating students.

It is not necessary that a person who teaches in a school is known as a teacher. The teacher can be anyone who gives you some sort of knowledge, “ GYAAN”. Therefore, a person who teaches you is a teacher. Your parents are your teachers. They teach you at every step of your life.

Do you have questions in your mind regarding how to become a teacher? Don’t worry you will come to know about it if you just read this blog.

How to become a teacher

Top colleges of teaching

  • Lady Irwin College
  • Bombay Teacher’s Training College
  • SNDT Women’s College
  • Government College of Education
  • Xavier College of Education
  • M College of Teacher Education


A student from any stream can become a teacher in the concerned field. If you are from a science background, you can become a teacher in science subjects like Physic, Chemistry. Similarly, if you studied commerce you can become a teacher in the commerce field and you can become a teacher in political science if you are a student of arts.

After passing your high school in any of the three streams, be it Science, Commerce or Arts you should pursue an undergraduate program. Science students can take up BSC, Commerce students can take up BCOM and Arts students can take up Political Science, Sociology, etc. Above all, the choice of the undergraduate program depends upon you.

Then come to the Master’s Degree. You are now required to pursue a two-year master degree in the same course in which you have done a Bachelor degree. MSC, MCom, etc. Since this adds to your qualifications.

B.Ed is the degree course that is essential to becoming a teacher. B. Ed is offered by many colleges and universities. This course makes you a certified teacher. Many colleges of Delhi University also offers this course along with other institutes. However, there is an entrance exam to get admission into this course

After that, some students go for M.Ed also. It is not mandatory but a choice that depends on the students. If you feel you can do and excel then why not? After all, learning extra is not that bad. It adds to your qualifications and resume.

There are other courses that give you certification in teaching and training in teaching

  • Basic Training Certificates (BTC)
  • Diploma in Education (D.Ed)
  • Teacher Training Certificate (TTC)

These courses also help you get a job in a teaching line.

There is one more course named Nursery Teacher Training (NTT). It is a diploma course that trains you as a teacher in teaching kids of nursery or upper nursery grade. In addition, you can pursue this course after class 10+2. It trains you in a variety of disciplines. After completing this course you are qualified as a nursery teacher and can work in a school.

Colleges for NTT

  • Nursery Teacher Training- Diecce
  • Nursery Teacher Training Correspondence Course.

If you want to become a sports teacher or physical trainer you need a certificate/diploma from a sports institute.

Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)is conducted by CBSE to teach in classes from I-VIII in government/ state/unaided private schools.

These are the various courses that make you a teacher. If you want to take up teaching as a long-term profession and want to teach students of higher standards then B.Ed is a must and the most valuable course in teaching line.

After doing B.Ed and getting a certificate for it, you are acknowledged as a teacher. Finally, you are ready to teach the students.


Now you are ready to work as a teacher. You can apply for the various post and in schools

  • Play schools
  • Private Schools
  • Colleges/Institutes
  • Educational Centres
  • Self Employment as Tutorials ( a great way to teach and earn money from your home).

In order to teach in a college, you need to clear a test called NET conducted by University Grant Commission (UGC). By clearing this exam only you can teach in colleges/institutes.

  • People in teaching line take-up P.hD, M.A in the subject to advance in career and teach students of a higher level.
  • They become a lecturer, start writing books, etc. The lecturer is a great academic profession where a lot of research work is required. The lecturer is usually posted in Universities. A dialogue way of teaching. Also, if you love writing, you can write books and become an author. For instance, you can write fiction books or books related to the subject matter.

People consider teaching a good career option as you have job security, good salary packages. In addition, private schools offer good salaries, benefits to their teachers.


Starting salary can be anything between Rs.15000 -Rs.20000 (approximately). However, this is the period when you are on a training basis. After you join as a permanent teacher, salary rises. Salary of teachers teaching higher standards is more, ranging between Rs.30000- Rs.50000. Salary also depends on the school in which you are teaching,

As a teacher you require patience, confidence to understand the child’s psychology and make him understand the subject matter. Also, you need to deal with all the children at the same level. Therefore, teaching requires commitment. In other words, don’t decide in haste that you want to become a teacher.

So you can become a teacher by following the above-mentioned steps. In other words, these are just some points to be mentioned. Please study well about the ways you can become a teacher and all that is required. Forgive me if I missed out on a point.

“Good teacher knows how to bring the best in the student”

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