What Is & How To Be A Singer?

Choose a Career as Singer

Aspiring to become a singer well then this blog will help you understand How to Choose a Career as Singer.

“He who sings scares away his woes.” ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

We all know the literal meaning of singing, but what is the real essence of being a singer? It is the expression of your inner sense of self. Your thoughts and your feelings expressed by words with a tune. Now is singing a talent or a skill that you recognize at an early age under career counseling? You might have many unique talents, but how do you make a career out of it?

The answer can be further broken down into subparts:

  1. If someone has no vocal experience or formal training and tries to sing, and is pretty good at it then it is all innate talent and ability.
  2. If someone has been taking formal lessons for long and is very good at it then it is all skill.

Now there are various schools of thought which think that talent beats skill or talent is nothing without skill. But I am of a different opinion talent needs to be honed and sharpened which ultimately results in skill. How do you know that you have a unique talent or an aptitude for singing? How do you choose a career as a singer?

This is where career counseling comes into the picture which helps you on your path of putting talent into use.  Talent is of no use without years of toil and hard work. We may take our talent for granted and may not work on it to reach the dizzying heights that we could have taken them.

Define Singing

Singing is an act of producing sounds. It is not a noise which is the case for all the bathroom singers out there. Singing is an extension of your feelings at that particular point in time.  Professional singers out there are highly trained and also possess an innate sense of music and a wide vocal range or pleasant vocal resonation.

We all know about various music shows which promote music talent. A few examples of such shows are Indian Idol, The Voice, etc. Now, these shows look for singers with talent and then cultivate that talent into something extraordinary.

We all know good singers are hiding in plain sight but due to want of opportunities, they are unable to realize their dreams. We also should realize that to do well at these shows and get instant recognition which may lead you to create a successful career in the music industry, you must be passionate about singing.

Six important things which you need to keep in mind when you choose a career as a singer

1. Breathing

Breathing is a very important aspect of aspect and you should always remember to breathe from the gut and not from your shoulders. Instead of pushing out your chest when you inhale, push out your stomach.  Almost everyone who starts singing makes this elementary mistake and they have to learn from this.

2. Pitch

This is a very parameter as most of the vocal teachers and music teachers think that pitch is the most important parameter but it is not so. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very important quality but not the most important one. This is because there have been a lot of amazing performances without hitting all the notes. There would be times when you tend to get swayed by your performance and not hit all the notes, but that is fine as long as you are mindful of the pitch.

3. Tone

The tone is what distinguishes each individual. Every person has a unique tone. No matter you have a raspy, pure or a voice with a little nasal twang. You need to own your voice and go with it. Then again there are exceptions here. In a setting like a choir, you do need people who have a similar tone when singing a chorus.

4. Vowel Placement

It is something not many people are aware of when you are singing. This is a technical aspect of singing and it can be very helpful if you know the different places to put a vowel when singing the note. This is where career counseling classes come in handy.

5. Phrasing

The phrasing is how you make the notes move with the music using your breath and dynamics. You must know the nuances of the song where you breathe loud and where you breathe softly. You mustn’t breathe in the middle of a phrase when singing.

And dynamics are very similar to you speaking aloud when angry and then feeling low when sad or angry. So the same analogy applies to music as well. And one more tip is to be never afraid of experimenting with different phrases. You have the liberty to try it at different dynamics, breathe in different places and then decide the particular part when you feel it’s right.

6. Passion

Now we come to the most important aspect of singing. If you don’t have the passion and don’t feel the emotion while singing then what’s the point of having lyrics. There are cases of singers who have brilliant voices but then have not made it big due to a lack of passion.

There is one around this particular problem and that is to write your songs so that you feel the emotions running through you when singing. You wrote the song for a reason, didn’t you? So let people know the reason. And most importantly take it personally. Make the lyrics a part of you whether you wrote them or not.

Let us see the conversation between a person who wants to choose a career as a singer

Ram” How do I know the top institutes in India that teach singing? And from where can I make a fruitful career out of it?”

Bob “Don’t worry, we have various career counseling workshops that would help you make a career out of it”

The top institutes that teach music in India are

  1. Government College of Music, Chennai
  2. Bengal Music College University of Calcutta, Kolkata
  3. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore
  4. Indian Film and Television Institute, New Delhi
  5. Saraswati Music College, New Delhi

In all the above colleges you need to have passed your 12th standard to choose a career as a singer. And the age limit should be between 17 to 25. There is one more thing that I would like to stress is that no matter how talented you are, music lessons would help you improve your voice and range.

A music coach can teach you a lot of intricacies associated with proper posture, breathing techniques and also help you identify different rhythms, scales, and melodies. The above-mentioned institutes offer you a variety of programs ranging from classical music to Broadway and operatic singing.

And as the saying goes “The world is your oyster,” so you decide what to do with the various opportunities at your disposal. Singing is a profession that is making headway into the mainstream where a lot of aspiring students are taking it up as a viable career option.

And with the advent of career counseling workshops, the most important decision of your entire life would not be taken on a whim but would be a rational and well thought out option with you as the mainstay of it.

So what are you waiting for, get singing?

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