What Is & How To Be A Producer?

Choose Career as Producer

Do you love movies? Do you have this fascination with making movies one day? Is the making of the film, the process of filmmaking that attracts you? Or you have this curiosity to know what goes behind the lens. If you have been thinking on the same lines, then this blog will help you in how to choose Producer as your Career option

Don’t worry. These questions show that you have something in you to become a Film Producer. You are currently in the right place.

We will tell you everything about Film Producers.

First, let us understand what is a Producer, What function he does. Any wild guesses. Generally answers like Producer is one who produces a film are heard. Yes, partially it is. We let you know more about it as there is more what a producer does.

A producer is a person responsible for financial, a managerial aspect of making a film or broadcast. Producers coordinate various aspects of the film such as selecting scripts, coordinating writing, directing, editing and arranging of the finances.

“IF NO PRODUCER, NO MOVIE”— Dino De Laurentiis

As Bollywood complete 100 years and is ever growing filmmaking, cinematography, direction, production is becoming hot career choices among youth. Before you take on this, check out the Eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria: If you wish you to wear the producer’s hat, you must know these details

  • A bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking, production, journalism, mass communication or other related fields
  • Relevant experience in Television or Movie Industry

Some Top Institutes which you can take admission into:

  • Film and Television Institute of India
  • RK Films and Media Academy
  • Asian Academy Of Film and Television
  • Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata

These are a list of only a few institutes mentioned. Read more about institutes and this course and other details regarding it. Get in touch with good career counselling platforms to help you with the decision. All the institutes vary in nature, size, fee, learning. They aim at enhancing your skills, bringing out your inner talent and taking you one step closer to becoming a Producer.

Pick your choice. Romantic Yash Chopra movies, Witty, larger-than-life Karan Johar movies, Serious Anurag Kashyap or any other. Tell us your favourite Producer and the reasons for it. We have some Big Production houses. Red Chillies entertainment by Shah Rukh Khan and his beloved wife Gauri Khan, Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures ( the top in television production) and the number one UTV Motion Pictures.

If you want to achieve this level and want to become the ultimate producer of Bollywood. This is what is expected out of you:

Earn a Bachelor’s degree: While there is no prescribed entrance test to be given to become a producer. Bachelor degree is recommended. Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking,  Applied Science in Films, Digital Productions, and other related fields. These fields cover areas of filmmaking and television. Children will be given training on camera handling, editing, production, screenplay writing. Take up additional training if they feel. Opportunities to learn different aspects of producing including fundraising, taking auditions of actors. During the Bachelor’s degree, you will be asked to make short films, assist teams working on films, work as a crew member that will prepare you for an assistant producer.

Work as an Intern: Internships are important for practical training and exposure. It will give insight into the industry and reality of filmmaking. A good chance to learn and hon your Interns gain knowledge and experience in the inner world of production, publicity, distribution as well as networking. Interns prepare you fully to operate in the industry and no other teaching can. This is the time of maximum learning and absorbing of skills.

Gain Industry Experience: Experience is everything. Experience is what everyone is looking for. Gain 1- 5 years of industry experience to become a successful producer. Anyone can be a producer if they have the talent for one. Producers come from all backgrounds, acting, writing, casting. They start as entry-level roles or as assistant producers and then climb up the ladder. There are apprenticeship programs for aspiring producers to work as program assistance.

Business Skills: Producers are a businessman as well. They are responsible for fundraising and look into other matters. Therefore, take up courses in business administration, finances, marketing and imbibe business skills.

Production Assistant: Work as a production assistant or related employment. You don’t become a producer in one day. It is a matter of hard work and many years. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. The work you are made to do as an assistant producer may not be of the calibre you possess but don’t be disheartened. You will see yourself as serving coffee and writing copies. But as you gain experience and build contacts, you will be doing a better job. If you want to become a Television Producer, work as an assistant television producer.

Build a Portfolio: Do quality work and show quality work also The portfolio is more important than your resume. Take up small productions and work opportunities in the smaller setting. Achieve it to the finish line and keep all the work in a clip format to presented to the employer.

Networking: Networking to advance your career. Make connections to reach your destination. Attend events, workshops, seminars related to filmmaking. Work as a production assistant. Take up small jobs and this is the way producers are born.

Monitor Industry Trends: The industry is changing, technology is advancing, the new talent is born every day. New ways to produce and distribute films, changes in the content of the films from storytelling, the mythology we have landed into romance, sci-fi movies. New players entering the market. Film producers need to know each and everything going around. Keeping in tune with the changes, accepting them and advancing with them.

“ You Can’t Do It Unless You Can’t Imagine It” – George Lucas. An American Filmmaker and Entrepreneur.

If you imagine yourself into the shoes of Producer, you can definitely be one. You just need creative thinking to be one. Producers control every aspect of the film’s production. They bring together the whole production team.

Producers are responsible for the success of the finished film. They steer film from beginning to the end and The Producer goes through the stage of Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production to bring the 3 -hour film on the 70mmm screen before the million eyes.

Producers can work as Independent individuals or with production companies. Many youngsters passionate about being producers start as independent and evolving as great producers of their time starting their own production houses.

Well, an Estimated average salary of a producer at Rs. 491, 561 per year according to sources but More or less it depends on the experience and kind of work you produce to your audience.

Mumbai Shehr ne Kaafi Producers Banaaye Hai, Kya Pta Aap ko Bhi Bana De.  Hence, All the best for your journey to becoming a successful Producer and take some of us too in acting  😳  


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