What Is & How To Be A Pilot?

Choose Career as Pilot

Have you ever boarded a flight to a place? Some will say Yes, Some will say No. I am sure you all must have seen a plane flying in the sky. We all wanted to travel on a plane sometime. JAB BACHE THE TOH PLANE DEKH KE WAVE KIYA KARTE THE. RAAT KO PLANE DEKHNE KA SHAUK SAB BACHO KO HOTA HAI, KHUSHI HI ALAG HOTI HAI UDTA HUA PLANE DEKH KE. Well, Do anyone of you dream to be in Aviation Industry? Do you want to become a Pilot? Yes, you want to but couldn’t get the right direction even from the career counselling platforms.  This blog will help you understand how to choose a career as a pilot.

 Worry not, you will get all the information on how to become a pilot in next 10- 15 minutes. Just stay glued to your screens.

 What is a Pilot?

Let me first introduce you to the definition of a pilot and what is he expected to do.  The Pilot can be defined as a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft. Simply put Pilot fly the aeroplane.

The Pilot works in the aviation industry and who can operate an aircraft to carry and transport passengers, goods from one destination to another.

 Pilot vo Insaan Hai Jo Humein Hawa Se Baatein Karwata Hai !

 Eligibility to become a pilot:

  •  Passed 10 + 2 with subjects English, Maths and Physics
  • Secured minimum aggregate of 55% marks in Math and Physics for General Category
  • Passed 10 +2 in English, Math, and Physics
  • Secured minimum aggregate of 50% in Math and Physics for Reserved Category
  • Must be fluent in English

 If you fulfil the eligibility criteria to become a pilot. You can further sit for the entrance exam.

 Top colleges to become a Pilot

  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, Uttar Pradesh
  • Flying Training Institutes, Calcutta
  • Government Training Institute, Bhubaneswar
  • Government Flying Club, Lucknow
  • This is just a few numbers. The list is long. Read more and make a list of all the Institutes offering a course for pilot training.

 Entrance Examination

The students who want to become a pilot can fill the online application form on the website of the concerned University

Pay the application fee either online through net banking/ credit card/debit card or through offline mode

Note down the important dates regarding the exam. The entrance test exam date, the interview date, etc.

The common entrance test is called PAT (Pilot Aptitude Test ) conducted by all flying schools and a national level entrance test known as WOMBAT Conducted by  Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy IGRUA for admission into top flying institutes including IGRUA.

 The PAT checks candidates proficiency in English, Math, Physics, Geography and some basics of Air Navigation and Aerodynamics.

WOMBAT comprises:

  • Online written test. The Syllabus includes English, Math, Physics, Reasoning, and Current Affairs.
  • If you clear the written test, you will be selected for the interview/ Viva round
  • In the interview round, submit the following documents.
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • Caste certificate for SC/ST/OBC
  • Certificate from a competent authority that OBC does not belong to creamy layer.

 Candidates who clear Interview round are selected for Pilot Aptitude Test/Psychometric Test and successful candidates shall qualify for final selection.

The candidates are required to undergo a Physical Fitness and Medical Test. A requirement of a sound mind and body to become a Pilot. Many students fail in the fitness round. A proper Physique is required and proper functioning of the body organs.

A test of following organs is done

Eyesight > Requirement of Proper eyesight because you require to fly around even at night.

Distance Vision- Your visual acuity must be 6/9 for each eye separately and 6/6 for both together

Near Vision- Standard vision required between 30 cm -50 cm and  at 100 cm, with or without correction

Colour Vision – Test you for normal colour vision. The test is through Ishihara colour plates

Eye Function- To test normal vision 

Ears >To test your hearing ability. If you can hear a normal voice each year separately at 2 meters, it is not a problem.

Lung test >To be able to breathe deeply and expel air from the lung

Haemoglobin Blood Test >To test the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. If anaemic there is a problem

Cholesterol Blood Test >If having cholesterol, it is a problem

Urine Test >To test sugar (diabetes).

If a person is able to clear the medical test as prescribed they are issued medical certificates by the Air Force Central Medical Establishments in New Delhi and Institute of Aviation Medical, Bangalore.

General fitness is mandatory, you must be free from any disease that can hamper normal function.

How to become a Pilot

The process of becoming a pilot is a complex one and takes several steps to become one and several years too. You need to be 16 years of age to obtain a Student Pilot license and 17 years to obtain a Commercial Pilot license.

There are three kinds of pilot license

  • Student Pilot License
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License

 Obtain these license from the flying Institutes of India. Just a degree is not enough. Practical training is more important. In order to become a professional pilot, you need to gain flying hours. A pilot training requires a minimum of 250 hours of flight experience.  More the flight time and experience the better it is. Join in as a pilot with the airlines and soon as the years passed and you will gain experience in flying. Advance in your career. Gave Pilots rankings. 

If you are a fresh pilot, you will earn a salary of around 1.5 lakh per month for domestic airlines. Salaries increases according to experience. A pilot on the international route earns a salary of 5-6 lakh per month. Commercial pilots get the highest salaries in India.

Pilots work profile includes operating the aircraft and performing different tasks like weather checks, confirming flight plans before operating, pre-flight inspection, etc.

They carry the sole responsibility of carrying the passengers and goods safely between the nations also risk their lives to make you travel.

They are hired by airlines like Air India, Spice Jet, etc and also have careers in the military. Flying jets, bombers, helicopters in combat, rescue or reconnaissance missions.

Becoming a pilot is a privilege as well as a tough job. Lives of millions are in your hands and it is your responsibility to land them safely. Many pilots save a life due to their intelligence in most crucial times and emergencies. All the best for your future!

Happy Piloting!


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