What Is & How To Be a Disc Jockey?

Choose Career as Disc Jockey

DJ Wale Babu Mera Gana Chala Do. The popular number on which the entire country grooves to. Everyone loves Discos I guess. What you go Discos For? Dancing Right? Well, Good Music Good life is the mantra. Music is therapy. It heals your mind and is a stress buster. Everyone has a taste in music. You look around and you will find people with earplugs listening to music. This blog will help you understand how to choose a career as Disc Jockey.

So, when you love music, the world loves music then why not make a career in music? It is not a bad idea after all. You must not have considered music as a career option because career counseling platforms hardly tell you about this.

Well, You can pursue a career in music.

If you love making the crowd groove on your playlist. Playing with the console. Love Loud Music, Mixing and Everything Bang On! Then you could choose a career as a Disc Jockey or what we call is a DJ.

Don’t think it is not a profession but just a hobby. It is a profession, in fact, a growing profession. We have some Professional Disc Jockeys like DJ Chetas you all must be knowing. Being an Engineer needs a qualification but being a DJ requires talent.

You can only be a DJ if you have an interest in it. Therefore it is a complex job to pursue. You need to go crazy (not in a bad sense ) but all in good faith to become a DJ and make the world dance to your tunes.

DJ live their lives by the principle of EAT. SLEEP. MIX. REPEAT.

Who is a Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey is a person who mixes parts of different pre-recorded music as it is playing for a live audience in a nightclub or a disco. The Disc Jockey make use of “ DISC” in the process. Although now the process has become digitized. They create beats, baselines, mashups, etc.

How to become a Disc Jockey

Everyone loves music but you only discover later that you want to choose a career as a Disc Jockey. As you have more in yourself than just the love for music. You like to play with music.

  • There is no specific qualification or certificate course that you need to study to become a DJ. There is no age limit for the same. If you have a flair for music and in-depth knowledge of music, you can become a DJ. Moreover, you need to understand the different genres of music like Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.
  • A DJ should have a good taste in music and should regularly update his music list. Need to have a database of songs, tunes, etc. Furthermore, disc Jockeying involves technical training. You need to know the technique of combining, merging different soundtracks using the software.

This technical training can be obtained from institutes run by former DJs in Delhi and Mumbai.

Top Colleges for learning Disc Jockey

  • Jazzy’s DJ Workshop
  • Modus operandi
  • Sound Of Music India Pvt. Ltd
  • The Sound Bakers
  • Panache School Of Sound


  • There are certificate courses or maybe diploma courses provided by these institutes under different heads like Basic DJ Training, CD DJ Course, CD Turntable Course, DJ competition course. First, decide what you need to pursue and take up the course. They provide you technical training to work and more practical experiences. You can find more about these by visiting their online websites if it interests you.
  • A DJ must have a personality, attitude and strong communication skills. Must understand the mood of the audience, the latest trends and how to make the crowd happy and lively. DJ’s must be in a habit of working for long hours till late nights and early mornings. Party Puri Raat Chalegi.
  • DJ’ s must have an ear for rhythm. Good Coordination, timing. We should also have a Business Sense and must be willing to work under any circumstances.

Job Prospects

  • A career as a DJ is a creative art. You need to have a sense of music and rhythm in yourself. Furthermore, you should have the technical knowledge and operating skills. You should know Manipulation, remixing of soundtracks. Moreover, you should be familiar with terms like audio mixing, cutting, cueing, juggling and much more. Not just familiar but also know how to do in the best way.
  • They use a variety of equipment to create the desired effect and mood and to do the above-mentioned works. For example, they use Tapes, Sound Mixer, Lighting Effects, Equalizer, Microphones, etc.
  • You work in fields like

Computer DJs-  they play digital music encoded audio files with the help of laptops.

Mobile DJs – They play music from their portable systems that they carry along. They also play extensive numbers from their exclusive list of pre-recorded songs.

Radio DJs- They are known as a radio jockey and work at radio stations. They play music tracks on radio stations. Also, they produce Program Packages filled with jokes, advertisements, songs, conversations, news, etc.

Club DJs- They work at nightclubs. Mixing of music using several techniques to create the ambiance. Also, they play loud music inflow and does not allow the crowd to leave the dance floors.

Hip-Hop DJs– Is a one who selects, plays music as a hip-hop artist, performer.


  • The attractive part is that, if you choose a career as a disk jockey, the remuneration is high. As a DJ you can make handsome money in one night. As a fresher you may earn a little as you will be doing for parties, events at a small scale but as your popularity grows you bag on big projects and earn huge along with perks. You could also work in the movie industry, television shows, singers, etc and earn in lacs. But the basic amount can be anything between 8000-10000 per night. Also, some DJs have come up with their albums over some time and have a good bank balance.
  • The profession of Disc Jockey will never die and continue to be in demand. People will hire them for parties, events, weddings, etc. The music industry has a boom and DJs have acquired a reputation and made a name for themselves as well as the brand.

You could be traveling for projects. Further, you can work as a freelancer where you choose where to go and must have your equipment, sound engineers, and a team.

So as long there are clubs, parties being organized, and the world is running on three things that are Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment. DJs will get work and will continue to grow.

So, here we wind up the process of becoming a DJ.


  1. A DJ is an awesome record mixer who plays high-bluster spirit beats in a performance that forces your feet to groove and performs your ear deaf after that for hours and your brain is into the music I can say it is the hottest profession, in fact, a growing profession an can do.


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