What Is & How To Be A Career Counsellor?

Choose a Career as Career Counselllor

Career was and is one of the important parts of our lives. We can’t do away with a career. The success of our careers depends on the hard work we put in to make it. It also depends on the choices made. Right career choice leads to the right career and if you are aspiring to become a career counsellor this blog will help you understand how to Choose a Career as Career Counsellor

What made you choose the right Career? Career Counselor is the answer. Career Counselor is the persons that help us make the right choices through proper and apt guidance.

There are numerous career counselling platforms dedicated to this mission. Available both online and offline. They work to provide the best career counselling to students that help you build your career.

Career Counselors Humein Sahi Rasta Dikhte Hai and Uspe Chalna Bhi.

Career counsellors act as guiding light that aims to enlighten the path towards our careers.

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a way that helps a student understand themselves, their skills, talents and the world of work in order to make a career.

The process of advising a student about various career options or about the chosen career by the student. They guide students not on the basis of marks obtained but on the basis of their talents and also work on your skill so that you never fail in life. They make you fit for the course that fits you and not trying to fit you in a career not made for you. This is the role played by the career counsellors.

How to become a Career Counselor:

STEP 1: GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL: Complete high school that is your 12th grade in any stream preferably Humanities with minimum 50% aggregate and from a recognized board such as CBSE, ISC.

STEP 2: BACHELOR DEGREE: Earn a Bachelor degree in Counselling that is an undergraduate program available online as well as offline. You can also pursue B.A Psychology. The study in Psychology helps you to study the minds of students, their behaviour or social science.

STEP 3: RESULT: Your result is important. Everyone manages to pass the exam only few excel. Securing good marks give you an edge over other students. Your certificate highlight the division in which you pass.

STEP 4: MASTER DEGREE: Pursue the Master’s degree in counselling. It is highly recommended to go for further studies in this field. It makes you more knowledgeable and experienced in career counselling.

STEP 5: PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE: Training and practical exposure is a must. Theoretical knowledge is of no use until and unless it is applied practically. Practically you will encounter different situations and ways to handle it.

STEP 6: LICENSE: Some places ask for the official license. So you need to show up. Now you need to have an official license and there are steps to get a license

STEP 7: NATIONAL COUNSELOR EXAMINATION: This test is used to obtain a state license. If you score well you will be qualified as National Certified Counselor. The test paper contains 200 questions. It tests your counselling abilities, candidates assessments, and techniques.

STEP 8: Counselor: You are now ready to practice as a counsellor. It depends upon you whether you take up private counselling session or work as an employee with any institute or college.

Top colleges for the career counsellor

  • Sarojini Naidu Government Girls Post Graduate College
  • National Council Of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
  • University Of Los Angeles (online Course)

counselling course. Search all the institutes where you might take the admissions and pursue

There will be more colleges offering this career counselling course. Search all the institutes where you might take the admissions and pursue a career as a Counselor.


The salary of the counsellor depends. Whether you are working with a school, institute you could earn anything between 10,000 to 30,000 or more depending. If you are working as an Independent Career counsellor and have your own setting you can charge fees depending on the student, several a counselling session and other factors.

Career Counselors also work online. Career Counselling Sessions is also held online. The ease of access by the user and freedom to get counselling whenever they want. Some online counsellors charge the fees.

A career counsellor guides a child through the following techniques:

  • A counsellor will guide you on the basis of the aptitude test. They give you test to know your psych
  • They assess your abilities and personalities. Maybe you score well in academics but science and commerce is not really your forte.
  • They take into consideration your interest levels.

Career counsellors use varying technique depending upon the student and the demands and help you select the best career. Some universities have career counsellors working for them. They guide you on the best course to opt for the college. Why the particular college is best for you.

They take into many counselling session and give due time to their clients. Their clients are their priority. They nurture you as a mother would do and also nurture you in the careers. They get dedicated to make your career.

Your career is as much as theirs as it is yours.

 If you will be successful in your careers at some point you will thank these career counsellors.


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