Reasons Why CBSE Students Do Well In JEE?


CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. Most popular, recognized board of education whose guidelines are followed by the private schools in delivering the education to students. The syllabus is also as per the CBSE rules. Few schools also follow the ICSE.

CBSE is for public and private schools under the Union Government of India. The main focus subjects of this board are Science and Mathematics whereas ICSE focuses on each subject and more on English.

Do the CBSE candidates crack IIT-JEE more easily in comparison to students of other boards?

Data says – In the year 2013, total 9,700 students qualified for the IITs. Out of these, 5,500 were from CBSE which totals to about 56 per cent of the total candidates in the IITs. Thus, CBSE candidates generally have an edge over the students from other boards.

CBSE students make a smooth entry into IITs. CBSE students seem to have an upper hand over students studying from a different board. So the question arises, Does an IIT JEE candidate have to be a CBSE student to pass the examination? Is this the conclusion drawn from the results.

The main reasons for the same are:

1. In order to achieve success in JEE, CBSE syllabus is important because it comprises of the relevant information about the subjective pattern of JEE.

2. A large number of CBSE candidates appear for the JEE as this is the central board of education and mostly all schools follow this board only.

3. The number of schools affiliated to the CBSE board is more in metro and major cities of the country. due to geographical distance.

The most schools having CBSE board are in metropolis cities around 9000 in India and abroad (in about 21 countries) and the IIT JEE exam is also conducted in the metropolis. Students from other boards may find it difficult to travel long distances and give the exam, so they opt out.

4. As an advantage, the students of metro and major cities get the best coaching facilities that are also compatible with the pattern of the JEE. Quality of education is better in major cities in terms of accessibility, quality, quantity.

They very well know the exam pattern of the exam and also are tuned with changes. So children get better education and guidance to prepare for the exam.

5. The course structure of CBSE is more analytical and logical. It helps the candidates to gain understanding and answer why and how of a question. It is not based on memorizing facts.

Memorizing does not enable a student to answer complex questions or different type of questions. He will only be able to answer straight forward and practice questions.

6. CBSE Syllabus: It covers questions similar to the ones that come in an entrance exam. So students are in the habit of solving such kind of questions.

7. The CBSE board dates and JEE exam dates never clash. This is the reason for CBSE students appearing in high numbers for the exam whereas students of other boards may not be due to the overlapping of dates in certain cases.

8. Students Of Hindi Medium find it more difficult to pass the JEE because the exam question paper is in English language and there are not many books available for JEE in the Hindi language.

9. Mathematics and Science: The board as stated earlier give more attention to subjects math and science in particular. Math and Science is the prerequisite for any entrance examination related engineering. So CBSE students do well in these exams because of this reason.

CBSE schooling module provides a curriculum that trains students to perform in competitive exams. This is the reason CBSE has become the preferred board choice for students especially aspiring engineers. It gives added advantage to students and ease in clearing the exam.

So, if you want to see your child becoming an engineer when he/she grew up. Put them In a school that has CBSE pattern of the syllabus so that your child has an idea in advance how competitive exams are given, questions to be solved, kind of questions that come. CBSE students have been doing great at this front and they shall continue to do so.


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