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Demand What You Deserve, Girl!

The blog broadly is a mild satirical take on how is it to be a working woman in an organization. The main focus is on tips for the women to consider while negotiating salary and taking back a paycheck boasting their desired figures on it.

Pay Transparency VS Pay Secrecy

This article is to draw the effects of pay transparency and secrecy. It also highlights "how an employee and employer should take the decision of disclosing the salaries and its policies mutually benefiting each other".

Blind Hiring In India – A Radical Reform

The blog covers blind hiring in Indian organizations and how technological advancements can result in eradicating the preconceived biases while conducting recruitment.

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What is mankind’s biggest motivator? Many would say Money… But, I would say Fear! I believe that Fear surpasses Money as a motivator for people to...

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To be really true, nothing in this world is good or bad, it’s just the situation and human tendency to behave in a certain...

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