What Is & How To be A Pharmacist?

How To Choose a Career in Pharmacy

  Pharmacy by definition is the science dealing with the collection, preparation, and standardization of drugs. Pharmacy or we call them “chemist” or “medical store” in India is the type of store where we can get medicines and medical things. And the person who manages this entire is said to be known as “pharmacist”. This blog will help […]

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What Is & How To Be A Jewellery Designer?

Choose Career as Jewellery Designer

Solitaire is the first love of every lady. Everyone loves to wear jewellery. Woman’s beauty is enhanced by the jewellery. Especially Indian Women loves to wear gold. They are loaded with tons of jewellery. If you have jewellery, it means you are wealthy inside. Jewellery denotes richness and wealthiness of a person. If you want to […]

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What Is & How To Be A Social Worker?

Choose Career as Social Worker

Do you feel the pain inside your heart watching others in pain? Did you wish to change this world and alleviate the sufferings? Do you want to bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged children, work for humanity? Does serving others give you content that no other materialistic good can ever give you. If the […]

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What Is & How To Be A Dentist?

choose career as dentist

A toothache, oral and dental health problems have been quite common nowadays. Not only children but adult also face similar problems. All health-related problems are solved by doctors. And the doctor for this is known as the Dentist.Turn to career counselling platforms for information. If more want. You are just on the right platform and close […]

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What Is & How To Be A Judge?

how to choose career as Judge

Order! Order! Order! You all must have heard these words. But Where? Guess? Yes, these words are heard in a Courtroom. A man dressed in a white shirt and black coat use these words. As these words are heard silence prevails in the courtroom. This is the effect.This black coat is something powerful. One who […]

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What Is & How To Be a Disc Jockey?

Choose Career as Disc Jockey

DJ Wale Babu Mera Gana Chala Do. The popular number on which the entire country grooves to. Everyone loves Discos I guess. What you go Discos For? Dancing Right? Well, Good Music Good life is the mantra. Music is the therapy. It heals your mind and is a stress buster. Everyone has tastes in music. You […]

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What Is & How To Be A Nurse?

Choose Career as Nurse

What we want to become in our lives is directed by the uniforms we like. As children, we wanted to become a doctor because of the white coat and a stethoscope hanging around the necks. I always wanted to be a nurse when I was small because the white dress and the nurse cap fascinated me. […]

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