Why Bootstrap Your StartUp?

Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon.com rightly says that “ONE OF THE ONLY WAYS TO GET OUT OF A TIGHT BOX IS TO INVENT YOUR WAY OUT”, and this is what is Startups, ‘All about a newly emerged entrepreneurial venture’. These companies are majorly involved in innovative ideas and processes. Our honorable PM Mr. […]

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How To Set Up An Incubation Centre?

Like a neonatal baby which is premature comes in this world out of its mother’s womb needs Incubators for special care until it attains its maturity, in the same manner, small businesses and start-up companies also need Incubation centers as a support for their full-fledged growth and existence. Although when I speak about Incubation centers […]

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5 Women Entrepreneurs

So many women entrepreneurs but do we know some of them? Yes, we do! Today we have found 5 Women entrepreneurs to discuss and share the positivity for our learners. The first woman entrepreneur I knew was my neighbor who started her own boutique. I still remember how impressed my mother was and she helped […]

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