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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Education?

"My Child is not equivalent in learning approach than other students. Can I get personalized learning for her?" Yes, you can. Check how AI is going to revolutionize the education in India.

Education – A Tool Or A Weapon?

Education is a powerful thing which can bring amazing outcomes in one life. Check if it can be used as a tool or weapon.

Game Based Learning: The Future Of Education

I still remember the days when I used to go to school. The days of slate and pencil when my teacher used to give...

Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, Ro Raha Hoon Main…..

A frustrated student tells his feelings about the current education scenario.

Things To Look For In Today’s Classrooms

List of things students want in the classroom, which will actually help in their career.

Project Based Learning For Students

Project-based learning is the key to make students prepare for their future. What are the 4 major things in project-based learning, every teacher should implement?

Why Should We Educate Girls?

Do you believe Girls Must Be Educated? Discuss why girls education is important.

Online Education In Indian Education System

Online Education has many advantages. What all Online Education could do in Indian Education System? Why Let's explore why it has less impact so far.

Corruption In Education System & How We Can Control It?

India is home to 1,365,097,002 people and is the second most populated country in the world. However, the country is home of the largest...

Dark Side of Education System In India

As has been rightly defined education is indeed the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world. It is not just...

Education For All Initiative

'Education is the finest empowerment and we can not deny anyone from this". Let's check Edu4Sure Initiatives on Education. Support us by being part of our initiative and take it to the next level!

Canadian Education System

Do you want to know the Candian Education System? We share a simple guide about Canada's education system from Kindergarten to University level. Go, Read & Learn.

Highlights Of Our Work

With the motto "Do Less But Awesome", we started our journey in 2013. We failed in approach at times but we never gave up...

Flaws In The Indian Education System

The education system in India was imposed on us by the Britishers, they wanted to create a population of education clerks and coolies. We...

How Can Technology Help In The Education Of Specially-abled Children?

Every student is different. They all have different methods of learning and take different amounts of time to grasp concepts. But our teachers don’t...