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Expertise: Digital Marketing/ Advertising & Media Experience: 12 years He is specialized in the Training in Digital Marketing & Sales for college students & budding professionals....

What Is & How To Be Facebook Marketer?

Know about Facebook Marketing, learn its usage and Become a Facebook Marketer.

How To Grow Business – Online?

The internet penetration in India has increased manifolds in both urban and rural areas. More and more people are using smartphones to access the...

What is & How To Use Hootsuite?

Introduction to Hootsuite and How it can help to manage social media and brand. We discuss some problems while using Hootsuite. Finally, a few tricks to increase the effectiveness of using Hootsuite. Isn't it interesting?

How To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool?

Do you use Pinterest as a marketing tool? If not, then you are making a mistake.

How To Use Facebook Page As A Marketing Tool?

Grow your business using facebook page as a marketing tool.

How To Use Buffer As A Marketing Tool?

A buffer is one of the new buzzwords in digital marketing and is a very convenient scheduling tool that can be used in any...

What Is SEO & How To Be An SEO Analyst?

Do one thing, open chrome or firefox (If you have Internet Explorer please install chrome or firefox) and Google Facebook. What do you see?...

How To Use Instagram As A Marketing Tool?

If you have not posted your lunch on Instagram today, then are you even living in the present? Instagram’s evaluation was just 100 million...

3 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the platform which gives you the biggest professional network of 500 million people around the globe. No matter whether you are a student...

Looking For A Digital Marketing Course?

Edu4Sure is here to the rescue And that’s how the cookie crumbles! The speaker on the stage opined. “Any questions?” The teacher provokes the students to participate...

The Dawn Of Digital Marketing (what are you waiting for?)

A study conducted by the BCG has stated that the economy of the internet market will grow up to 5% of the GDP by...

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing?

We are all well versed with the internet, most of us are using it on a daily basis, in fact, on an hourly basis...

Digital Marketing Certification: Yes, it helps

Heard of Digital Marketing Certification? Want to know the importance of Certification in Digital marketing? Get Set and Certify yourself!

10 Mistakes Of A Digital Marketer

Do digital marketers make mistakes? We have covered 10 mistakes. Let us discuss.