Career Planning

Why College Admission Process Should Be Easy?

If you are in the Admission department of college then this is for you. Admission should be an easy process. Isn't it? Do you have an easy process in your college?

6 JEE Preparation Books Every JEE Aspirant Should Have

Which books IIT JEE Topper reads? List 6 books to be kept with every aspirant. Go, get it!

5 Ways To Enhance Your Memory

Most of the students get fewer marks because they forget what they learn. Let us check 5 ways to enhance memory and get good marks. Share your favorite way.

Bhaskaracharya College Of Applied Sciences And Its Courses

Heard of "Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences and Its Courses"? If not, then this blog might be helpful but for current information, need to check with the college.

Top 10 Qualities Of My College (BIMTECH)

Looking to get admission in MBA? BIMTECH can be one of the choices. Check its Top 10 qualities shared by a student.

5 Interesting Jobs Around The World (Love the 3rd)

Looking for jobs? We may not have your preferred profile however you may know the 5 most interesting jobs in the world here! Disclaimer: Not necessarily, you may find them interesting.

9 Skills You Must Have To Get Hired

Make yourself Job Ready by learning 9 Important skills. Check them and start learning!

Reasons Why You Are Not Selected In Interview?

Story of a guy, Hari who explains the reasons for not selecting in an interview. Avoid such reasons and get selected.

How To Choose The Right Career

During our schools, we get confused about How to choose the right career? let's find some guidelines while choosing the career.

5 Study Habits To Avoid During IIT JEE Preparation

Bad study habits can kill your IIT JEE Preparation. Find the 5 Study habits you must avoid to score well in IIT JEE.

What Is PhD Program & How You Can Pursue?

Do you have an enormous love for any of the subjects like literature, physics, astronomy, etc? Have you ever thought of pursuing a Ph.D. in...

What Is & How To Make A Career In Marketing?

"Marketing is Interesting, Marketing is Difficult" - Know about marketing and career in it.

10 Best Things We Should Consider In Interview

We do mistakes during the interview. What are the 10 best things which we should always consider in an interview?

How I Chose MBA College?

“The things taught in schools are not an education but the means to an education” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. What is the first thing that comes...

How Can Mentoring Help In Your Career Journey?

We need a mentor. Don't we? A mentor can really support us in our career. His guidance matter and shape our career. Let us discuss how a mentor might assist and guide one through the career progression journey.