Why Internships Are Important?

College students have a lot on their plate. They have to juggle their assignments, extracurricular activities and their social and familial life. In the midst of this, they often overlook the importance of internships. “You need experience to get experience” is the unfortunate truth of today’s world. If you have a relevant internship displayed on […]

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Interning As A Blogger (I Am 15)

Since a long time now, several people including my own family members have come up to me and asked me the same question, “Why are you doing an internship at this age? First of all, there is NO age to do or not do an internship. An internship is taken up to enhance your skills […]

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Interning, A Teenager’s Experience

It still gives me shivers and jitters and an adrenalin rush, when I remember the time I got selected for a content writing and blogging internship in a startup, Edu4Sure. Being a high school student and having basically no experience in this field, it was a HUGE deal for me to get selected! (I fell […]

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