Career Or Family?


There is a popular saying “Whenever you are on a crossroad follow your heart”. You will come across various situations in your life during different stages of your life where you need to make a choice. You have to choose between the two. Believe me, it will not be easy, choosing is the hardest thing and it is even more when you love both equally. It’s all about the choices. After all, your choices will decide your future course.

One such choice is the choice between Career and Family. We are often put into a situation where we have to choose between the career and family. We often face this dilemma and it is one of the hardest choices one will ever come across in their life. If you choose your career, you have to let go of your family and if you choose your family you have to let go of your career. In both the ways you are at the losing end. Hence, lucky are those who do not have to make a choice.

Everyone has their own opinion on this. Everyone thinks differently, act differently and so does choose differently. You will come across a number of opinions and suggestions from a number of people on what to choose and what not to based on their experiences and thinking. The decision rests with you, ultimately it’s you who have to choose and decide for yourself. Either you can go by what others say or you can do what your heart says. There are different opinions to it.

Firstly, one option available with you is to choose your career and be ambitious. Chase your dreams and make your career. You have worked hard for it throughout your life. Don’t miss on the opportunity to get settled and get a well-paid job. Money is everything. I just remembered a song that goes well with this. “ Papa kehte hai badanaam karega, Beta humara aisa kaam karega”. This is the time and your chance to do something big and great. You can show your parents and show the world your achievements. Making a career is a one time opportunity, if not grabbed with both the hands, you might not be able to make it next time. Since not everyone is lucky enough to get a second chance.

Career is important because :

  • It makes you financially stable. With a career, you have a source of income. Job security also ensures financial security and a means to livelihood.
  • It gives direction to your life as you are working in one direction. Also, it keeps you focused and you move on a structured path
  • It motivates you to achieve greater heights as you proceed in your career because everyone wants to get added incentive, promotion, salary hike so you put in extra efforts.

The second option available with you is to choose your family over your career, You are asked to sacrifice your dreams and passion for the love of your family. Some do it willingly and some out of restrictions. The family is important as they love you and care for you as no one else could. No relation is bigger than the relation of blood, and money is not important than your relations and happiness. “Dukh aur Musibat mein Gharwale hi kaam aate hai aur yaad bhi”. It is rightly said money can buy you all the luxuries of life but it can never buy you happiness, joy, and comfort of living with a family.

Our parents have sacrificed so much entire our lives. They have gone empty stomach to the bed just to feed us. Isn’t it unfair on our part that we leave them behind to live our dreams while all through their life they have only lived for us and our dreams? Give it a thought. Can’t we give them happiness in their last journeys by staying with them and taking care for them? Believe me, it is more satisfying than your career would give you. No matter how well settled and high paying job you might be having, it can never replace your family.

Reasons why the family is important:

  • Your family is your greatest support system. No matter what, whether you have somebody or not beside you, your family will always be there for you. You can always count on them. They make you feel secure and protect you from every harm and danger. Your family is the greatest blessing that you have.
  • They love and understand you. Love from your parents is unconditional. They are the ones who always wished good for you. Your family understands you the way no one else does. They understand your habits, struggles, trials and everything about you
  • They make you who you are. You carry the name and their teachings with you wherever you go. They make you who you are as an individual. They helped you make your life.

There is another point in this that I would like to mention. It is the hybrid of above the two points. In my opinion, why do we have to choose? Is it mandatory that we have to choose between the both and let the other one go? Can’t we have both? I have a number of examples where people have a successful career and a happy family too. They didn’t make a choice, nor do they have to sacrifice anything. It’s all about managing and balancing the two aspects of your life. Both are important in one’s life. Career gives you financial stability whereas family gives you social stability. These are two sides of the same coin. If you have a career, you will miss your family and if you have your loved ones you may regret your career. Then why not strive to have both in our lives.

 Managing both is a responsibility and opportunity that one assumes for the sake of furthering in life.

So, strive to achieve both and lead a happy, family loving and career filled life!


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