Can Blogging Be A Full Time Job?


Writing your blog platform is like roasting your coffee. it’s impractical and you probably shouldn’t do it, but for people who really, truly care about it, it’s worthwhile to them for their priorities that sound crazy to everyone else. Well, I write my blog platform and I roast my coffee.

People have no special talents. They are just passionately curious about writing so, they end up writing an excellent readable substance. Blogging can never be always good there can even be the pros and cons of being a blogger. There will be haters, doubters, non-believers and then there will be you proving all of them wrong through your writing. So can blogging be a full-time job?

Folks start writing with passion two blogs a day or even more. People do blogging as a part-time with no intentions of earning a profit. But full-time blogging can give you (respect among your friends and family, recognition and fame and of course a good amount of money).

The reality of being a full-time blogger is not easy. All we have to do is being a productive and organized blogger.

Nowadays companies are hiring a full-time blogger who can help them to connect with the audience, get feedback from them and to convey the message properly; it has to be done by a professional only. Blogging can be the source of income as all the blog traffic can be into income.

You don’t have to be a hardcore pro blogger. Few blogging platforms are people-friendly like WordPress & Hubspot. Few blogging sites don’t look for perfect graphics and designs but still are hit.

Digital agencies and companies have started organizing small-batch workshops and webinars to help people learn and practically experience blogging.

Blogging has acquired such a place in the modern market. It gives a voice to your company. Also, it creates good PR (public relations). It creates interaction between customers and marketers.

So my sweethearts, KEEP CALM & WRITE BLOGS because here I have laid a few tips that will evoke sensation in the readers.

Top 11 Blog Post Ideas (to make your blog ‘viral ‘or ‘hot’)

1. TOPIC- Captivating

The topic which we choose to write upon, we should love that topic and be very passionate about what we are writing on. No blogger can maintain it if he isn’t passionate about his writing. The topic should be captivating or we can also say should be interesting through the reader’s view. Don’t choose the wrong topic. The blogging starts with the choice of a hooking topic.

2. STEAL- Influences

Plunge into the archives of each influencer, to highlight inspiring and motivational quotes of real value. This makes your blog lucrative. The use of quotations that we call in the blogging term as influencers help to enhance and give weight to the topic written.

3. IDEAS- Audiences

You can make a comment box or tweet to receive views and get ideas from audiences or readers. This can be the best way to get feedback positively.

4. WRITE- Passionately

Write for yourself first. Just focus on your thoughts and ideas many people remain confused in contemplating their good ideas. Like should I or shouldn’t I? Blogging is something which can be done easily as all we have to do is write what we want too. Even the cost of starting blogging professionally is also very low.


In blogging it is important, to be honest, and real, the information which we are sharing should be authentic and true. No misleading statement should be on the blog. Above all, there has to be consistency in you while posting blogs. It is very hard to build traffic over your blog post so, better not to lose them and be consistent.

6. TIME- Invest more

The web is a big noisy place and to stand out of the crowd one has to shine brightly. You need to invest more and more into writing before posting it to view results.

7. HEADLINES- Catchy

Whatever amount of knowledge we put into the body of our blog it won’t matter unless we make the headline catchy. The first thing that clicks the mind of the viewer is the head which turns him into an interested reader. Therefore more and more time has to be invested in making the main headline catchy.


It is the most important for a blogger to connect with his audience so Sharing personal experience? Why Not!!! Let the followers and readers get to know you better. Be informal.


It is one of the basic rules in blogging that the work that we do should be original and shouldn’t be copied from anybody. Because from the help of the commonly used SEO tool uniqueness of the blog can be checked. If the uniqueness crosses the 90% it surely is a hit.


Give the reason for people to subscribe to you. There is nothing better than breaking news in the media about your blog, this will lead to hike in the traffic for the blog, give the reason the people to subscribe to you and don’t let them unsubscribe you.


Your blog has to be scannable and readable. Even a lengthy and a blog with many ideas won’t hit the show. The web is such a great and easy way to do this. Present a single idea and let others work and build upon it.

Jon Morrow rightly says, “Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can”.

Professional blogging is altogether different from hobby blogging. Though to become a full-time blogger has a different experience. Blogging is about storytelling but I would say get that ‘Business Blogging’.

Take up blogging as a full-time job. Schedule your way to become a better blogger. It is a complete and absolute walkthrough. To share, to connect, to create, and to inspire is what constitutes Blogging.

I feel good taking blogging as my full-time job. Nowadays I feel that I am doing something good, something passionate, something productive, something which I can solely call Mine. So people, what are you waiting for?

People think blogging is doing no work. But prove them wrong writing the finest one. Start blogging. Get paid for writing, following above mentioned tips. Because it takes more of a passion to finish writing something readable.

I believe the best one from Voltaire, “WRITING IS THE PAINTING OF THE VOICE”

Thus, write a blog, write for us.

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  1. These days blogging is in high demand, every organization is employing a full-time blogger who can assist them with connecting with the group of the audience get criticism from them and pass on the information appropriately.

  2. Today every MNC now needs a good blogger who can drive tons of traffic on their website. I am also working in an MNC too as a blogger. Well, this article is amazing!


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