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Difference Between Agile And Scrum

Are you a Project Manager? Do you know "How Agile methodology and Scrum Implementation approaches are different to project management? Let's do a check on Agile Vs Scrum!

How Recreational Activities Help Employees?

"Recreation" is no more a new word in the corporate. We at Edu4Sure have conducted various recreational activities for the client. How Recreational Activities Helps Our Employees? Let's find the answer!

How To Write For Edu4Sure?

In the last 3 years, we have supported 40 people to become pro blogger from hobby blogger. If you want to do some serious content, then use such tricks and tips in your content. We also made mistakes and we do not want to repeat it so better to check each and every point before writing.

Top 11 Benefits Of Training On People Management

People Management Training is in demand. It has several benefits. We found the Top 11 for our subscribers. Check them, they will surely benefit you!

Top 13 Reasons Why Employees Must Be Trained On Leadership

It is Leadership Skill which takes the organization on TOP. Not just one, but 13 reasons written for you so what are you waiting for? Go, Get it!

What Is GST And Its Importance In India?

Introduction to GST Goods and Service Tax (GST) is one of the biggest indirect tax reforms in India. The Government of India introduced and implemented GST with the motto of “One Nation One Tax”, the moto signifies the government’s intention to subsume all the pre-existing taxes in India (such as VAT, Excise, etc.) to one tax. After implementation by France...

How To Deliver A Successful Project On Time?

Time management plays an important role when it comes to delivering projects. We all know that with greater position comes greater responsibility. As employees, leaders, and managers of a company, we all should know and realize the value of time. The ultimate goal of project management is to deliver it on time, under budget and within customer’s expectations. Your great...

Importance Of Knowing Yourself!

Self-discovery is an integral part of your journey of life. A person who truly doesn’t know himself is like a leaf who does not know from which tree it’s originated. We, of course, keep ourselves in the good books. But are we really the most perfect beings? Although, the trend says that most people admit they are flawed but do they...

Miracles Of Positive Outlook

Life’s dotted with many a moon success and failure, pleasure and melancholy, helping and seeking. Every moment we learn and grow with our notations about life. Mourning over what’s lost, dispiritedness about the forthcoming events and brooding over heart-aches just hampers us from moving forward. Potential, hard work and determination play key roles in triumph but above all of these, qualities...

How To Choose Team Members For A Project

Companies ought to attempt to own project team members embody each of the subsequent characteristics: 1. Excellent Communicator Project team members do work with individuals in all levels of the organization, coming from very much different backgrounds. So, these project management professionals should have the power to effectively communicate with various audiences, relying on information in a manner they can relate...

Global Spread Of English – Good Or Bad?

English is Everywhere! Imagine if Hindi was everywhere. Anyway, the point is not which language should be global but to understand if it is good or bad for a particular language to be Global?

Career After 40 Years Age?

Age 40 is no more the age to continue the same job. Today it is the age to rethink, rediscover & restart something which can be new or partially new. What is that? Let's check out!

Career After 30

Tired of listening to the word "Career" in the 20s & teenage from other people? but imagine listening to it again the "Career" word and this time within yourself. What are the career options after 30? Let's explore!

Why Small Companies Do Better Than Big?

Are you a Startup or Small Company? Do you believe you better than the big one? Then, probably you already know the answer "Why Do Small One to better than the big one?" Let's check out our view on this!

Why Employees Switch Jobs And How To Control Attrition?

Oh My God, my employee left! What to do? Why did S/He switch to some other job? Let's find the reasons of leaving & how to control attrition!
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