What Is & How To Be A Beautician?


Looking Pretty is a dream of every woman. Why woman only. Everyone wants to look good and pretty be it, boys or girls. Everyone loves hearing compliments about how beautiful they are. All admire beauty. People say Uski Ladki Khoobsoorat Hai. This makes you feel happy and your parents too. We all try to look […]

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What Is & How To Be An Actor?


  Everyone loves watching movies there is no second thought about it. We all are attracted to the glamorous world of Films. The 70mm screen is the place where we all want to see ourselves one day. Lights, Camera, Action are the three magical words we wish to hear. We all want to become an Actor […]

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What Is & How To Be A Police Officer?

Choose-Career-Police Officer

No service is greater than servicing the nation. We live securely in our homes and sleep a sound sleep because we know someone is guarding us on the borders. We have people in uniforms used to take care of our security and safety. Har Maa Apne Bete ko Police wala Bana Chahti Hai. The family feels proud when […]

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What Is & How To Be A Teacher?


Teaching is one of the respected professions in the world.  Main Bhagwaan se Pehle Teacher ko pranam karta hun Kyunki usi ne mujhe Bataya Bhagwaan Kaun Hai. This is our feelings towards a teacher. For students, teachers are no less than God. They seek their blessings. Teacher “GURU” hote hain. Teachers are a symbol of […]

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What Is & How To Be An Author?

Choose a Career as Author

Do you get a sudden urge to just pick up the pen and start writing? Is there a Dan Brown or a J.K Rowling inside you waiting to come out and just jolt down pages? And all these times you could do nothing about it. You wanted but you couldn’t and the reason is evident: where do […]

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What Is & How To Be A Singer?

Choose a Career as Singer

 Aspiring to become a singer well then this blog will help you understand How to Choose a Career as Singer. “He who sings scares away his woes.” ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra We all know the literal meaning of singing, but what is the real essence of being a singer? It is the expression of your inner […]

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Why Bootstrap Your StartUp?

Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon.com rightly says that “ONE OF THE ONLY WAYS TO GET OUT OF A TIGHT BOX IS TO INVENT YOUR WAY OUT”, and this is what is Startups, ‘All about a newly emerged entrepreneurial venture’. These companies are majorly involved in innovative ideas and processes. Our honorable PM Mr. […]

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How To Set Up An Incubation Centre?

Like a neonatal baby which is premature comes in this world out of its mother’s womb needs Incubators for special care until it attains its maturity, in the same manner, small businesses and start-up companies also need Incubation centers as a support for their full-fledged growth and existence. Although when I speak about Incubation centers […]

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7 Steps For MBA Admissions

As the end time of graduation approaches most of the people to have a good sense of whether they are going to continue their education in a post-graduate program or they will enter the jobs. Similar to the undergraduate application process, applying for the graduate programs can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. As there are […]

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E-Commerce ‘One Big Business Break’

There was once a time when one had to travel miles and miles to sell his goods or even to buy some. Trading can be traced back to the very beginning when communication developed among people. Over time, e-commerce has developed in all aspects. Starting from the introduction of standardized currencies to introduction of banking, […]

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Top 9 Interesting Sports Activities

When I talk about sports activities people usually think of having two teams, fighting over to win a cup or trophy or sitting in a room dueling over a board to win. Cricket, Football, Hockey all these are the first names which occur in our mind when we think of the sports. These mainstream sports […]

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7 Best Yoga Poses To Tackle Exam Stress

With the exams approaching nearby the stress and anxiety level of the students goes up. The pressure of performing well and unknown fears of the exam grip them and let them drained which ultimately cause sleeplessness, negative thinking, and fatigue. This leads to the imbalance in the body which will down the performance level of […]

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The Value Of College Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin Above words state that if we invest money in gaining education then we reap the best results. But these days people are reconsidering their decisions on getting higher education or college education. The cost of the college degree is quite a burden on the […]

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