Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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How To Choose Right Candidate?

If I ask you the most difficult problem in recruitment, almost all of you will say "Choosing the right candidate". Let us try to make it simple for you.

Poem – Every Child Is Unique

“We are all born originals.” – Edward Young. The poem describes that each child is unique & talented.

Why Are Small Batch Workshops Important?

Small Batch Workshops are rare to find because companies want more business but we must know the benefits of having small-batch workshops.

Today, They All Want A Softie… (Developing Professional Soft Skills)

Hi Soft Skills Lovers, we spent days & nights to write this content for you. Let us know if you like it :)

Why Should You Have Your Website On WordPress?

Most of you will be struggling with your Website Development progress. We had similar issues and decided to move on WordPress. Check the benefits of WordPress.

How To Create A Facebook Campaign?

learn Facebook Campaign Step by Step.

College Life (Delhi University)

Every student thinks about admission in DU once a life but do they know the college life there? Let's explore.

11 Reasons Why Companies Are Outsourcing Training

Confused if you should outsource training or not? Here are the secrets behind outsourcing training that all business giants use that you MUST KNOW!

Poem – Training In Corporate

Many a time motivation and guidance make you realize something which you never thought of.

Poem – Recruitment Process

Let's discuss the biased issue in the recruitment process through a short poem.

Poem – Happy Independence Day

This Independence, let's make everyone educated and set them free from all burden. Let's empower people and make them independent.

How To Search For A Job Secretively?

learn various ways in which one can search for a job secretively like keeping it to yourself.

Is It Possible To Get A Job At 60 (Post Retirement)?

Looking for a job post-retirement? Discuss the challenges in finding a job as a retired person, and also learn some tips and tricks to tackle them.

Responsibilities Of HR Head And Executives

Let you showcase the roles and responsibilities of Human Resource executives and managers in the corporate world.

Efficient Ways Of Providing Feedback

How an associate should give honest and imperative feedback? Check insights about the dos and don'ts of giving and receiving feedback and what is expected by the top management?