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Gamification In E-Learning

Is Gamification in E-learning a new concept for you? Never heard about this? No. Don’t worry. This blog post will explain to you the meaning of this term and make you understand this concept. We will understand this term by breaking it into two. First, we will talk about gamification and then about E-learning. Finally, we will combine both the...

Why Do We Need A Motivational Coach?

Don't you need someone who can motivate you? Why don't you ask your HR today for coaching on Motivation ;)

Importance Of Self Defence

Each corporate says "Stay Safe, Feel Safe" but does anyone provide Self Defense Training? Discuss importance of Self defense.

How To Prepare CLAT?

What does it require to be a successful lawyer or judge? Some might say reading a bunch of heavy books and memorizing various articles and sections, but that is not the whole truth. Behind every successful lawyer or judge, there is a person who believes in the idea of steel determination and iron will power. Before you start preparing...

How To Prepare For UPSC?

Union public service commission is India’s premier central recruiting agency. It is responsible for appointment to an examination for all India services. This implies that those who aspire to become IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS and other such officers need to first qualify the CSE (civil services examination) which is conducted by the UPSC. DIFFICULTY LEVEL  The Civil Services Examination is not an...

Why LinkedIn Should Be Used For Recruitment?

If you want to hire good professionals then don't ignore LinkedIn. See top7 reasons why LinkedIn for recruitment?

What To Do In Case We Get Low Marks In Board Exams?

BOARDS – This word has always been a nightmare for the students and their parents for generations. The entire year is spent buried in books, preparing for one of the most important exams all the students face in their entire lives. And in spite of doing everything right, with the growing competition and unbelievable cutoffs, there are a lot number...

Should One Go For MBBS Abroad If Not Selected In India?

Could not get an MBBA seat in India? Don't worry. You may plan Abroad. Make Sure that you understand everything before the final decision. We have found some drawbacks as well!

Design Thinking Overview

Heard of Design Thinking? Want to know more about it. Check this interesting read on Design Thinking.

Importance Of Mentoring

Mentoring is very important in life. Don't you need a mentor but how can we have a successful Mentor-Mentee relationship? Let's explore.

How To Learn Business With Edu4Sure?

Applied in a Marketing position with Edu4Sure? Learn and Implement now! Check the ways 'How to do it'?

Why Do We Need A Parenting Workshop?

“Kids are not a diversion from work. They are the most important work”. In numerous pieces of our life, we simply don't work without any advance preparation or guidance. Nonetheless, for certain reasons, we feel hesitant to adopt a similar strategy to parenting. There's a perception that parents just know. That is the catch? It's not commonly so normal instinctive which decisions are...

Benefits Of Video Interview

If you want to save money, time and get perfect talent then Video interview can be the right approach. You can reach any part of the world so why don't you go for it?

Simple Steps To Upskill The Employees

If you can't upskill your employee, you can't grow business. How you can upskill your employees?

Challenges In HR Job

Are you an HR? Want to Quit? Wait! We have the solution to the challenges faced by you. Chillax!
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