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Why To Pay Coaching Fee IF Already Paying High School Fee?

Every student ponders over the question of whether he should take up coaching institutes as a means to climb the ladder of academic success, or should he rely more on the things taught in the school. When you ask such a question, realize that none of the two options is an actual answer. The answer is, the efforts that you put...

How To Prepare For GRE?

GRE or graduate record examination is for students who want to take admission into graduate programs abroad. Eligibility The students need to be graduates. They should have completed their Undergraduate course from any recognized or affiliated University. Much like any other entrance examination, Graduate Record Examination also aims to test the critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills Overview The Graduate...

How Can Vedic Mathematics Help In Entrance Exams?

Mathematics is an important component of every entrance examination. Though most of the students fear maths, simply because they find it hard to understand and harder to attempt. However, there is nothing one cannot do if you make an effort! Vedic maths is a set of mathematical techniques and formulas. It helps in making complex calculations in a faster and effective...

Benefits Of Good Handwriting

Good handwriting is very important not just for students but also for adults. When anyone looks at a handwritten note, he is either mesmerized with the flawless cursive writing or is annoyed, trying to read through the scribbled letters. Anyone could relate to this situation. Right? Legible handwriting makes it easier for the other person to understand. It also points to...

How To Avoid Suicide After Exam Result?

The fear of failure is the greatest sin. Losers are not the ones who make mistakes, rather they are the ones who don't make an effort out of fear of losing. The same theory applies to students as well. The newspapers remain flooded with young students committing suicide just because they could not make it through the entrance test. IIT JEE or...

How Learning English Can Make You A Global Citizen?

Why are you learning English? This is one of the most important questions, but the sincerity and depth of the answer can only be determined after having the experience of learning. Many people may answer this question in different ways, some may say that they are learning English for various reasons like for future purpose, for professional reasons, or to form...

Every English Learner Should Listen To English Podcast

Every English learner should listen to English podcast. Don’t want to look at textbooks, but still want to improve your English? If so, English podcast is the answer you’ve been searching for. Learn with English podcasts! Learning English through podcasts is an excellent way to improve your English quickly. One can listen to them anywhere and everywhere- while at your desk or you’re on...

All You Need To Know About Machine Learning

You must have heard of Machine Learning. What exactly is this? How it is different from AI? Check everything about ML.

How To Work On Graphics

Learn Graphic Designing with Edu4Sure. Apply today!

How To Tackle Financial Stress?

One of the main stress today is Financial Stress. How to tackle such stress. Check the simple steps.

Every day belongs to Father!

We don’t need a hero when we have a father. Isn’t it?

How To Prepare For IELTS?

IELTS is not difficult if you prepare it well. Here, we bring the best ways to plan and prepare for IELTS exam.

Importance Of Corporate Training And Ways For Effective Training

Do you know the importance of corporate training and how we can make it more effective? Read Mohan's Story.

What Is Self Defense & Its Importance For Female Employees?

Do you believe that female employee needs to learn Self-defense? If yes then fine, if not then this blog is written for you.

Why Corporate Should Train Its Employees?

Why the Corporate need to invest more in training of their employees? Let's check.