What Is Blockchain & Why Is It Important?


“How do we create new value? You create new value by running services on the Blockchain.” This glorifying tribute to the technology – that is Blockchain-  by the famous author, entrepreneur and angel investor William Mougayar neatly sums up the burgeoning importance of blockchain technology in today’s digital data dominant world. From powering myriad crypto-currencies […]

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Why Employees Quit?


Every year conglomerates spend large sums of money to assess the behavioral aspect of their human resource. The dynamic nature of the business environment keeps organizations on their toes in order to formulate better strategies to retain employees since hiring a new employee is almost twice as expensive as retaining one. Sometimes the reasons for […]

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Acing Presentations


A crucial part of any leader’s personality is formed by their presentation skills. Try to recollect some of the seminars, debates or lectures you may have attended in the past and you will be able to segregate the speakers on the basis of their presentation skills quite easily. Now think of a time when you […]

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How Financial Abilities Help People From Non-finance Background


“Finance” The elephant in the room.  Isn’t it? It is deemed quite difficult to grasp by people from other domains like marketing, operations, HR etc. Hence, there’s a general resistance shown by non-finance graduates towards learning financial concepts. However, there are a lot of advantages if an individual decides to devote some time towards acquiring […]

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Training Required By Corporate


The current corporate environment presents a perpetual demand for employee improvement. The dynamic market brings forth new and better opportunities for the employer as well as the employee. In the middle of all the chaos, organizations realize the importance of constantly improving their workforce. Companies strive to eliminate redundancy at the workplace by making jobs more […]

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Recruitment Partner – What & Why?


 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” This quote doesn’t apply only to car races. Neither is it a simple, philosophical quote on maintaining relationships as you age. But it conveys the gist of how a well-oiled partnership can transform your company and set It […]

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How To Manage A Jealous Colleague?


“Look at you, you’re doing so well!”   “You are the go-to guy for our boss”   “She’s getting promoted over me..!”   “Here comes the star of our team!”   When things seem to be going your way at workplace, these are some phrases that you’ll get to hear quite often. Talks behind your […]

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Intrapreneurship: Aspiring The Right Talent


Intrapreneurship is a term that is quite new to most of us. So, let’s try to understand what it means before moving further.   Intrapreneurship is a system where entrepreneurship activities are performed within the walls or boundaries of a particular organisation. So, intrapreneurs are employees of a company who work on dedicated projects assigned […]

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Highlights Of Our Work

With the motto “Do Less But Awesome”, we started our journey in 2013. We failed in approach at times but we never gave up and today we have associations with many colleges & corporate. We always focus on Quality Education at an affordable cost to the learner. Some of our services include Career Counselling Seminars, Corporate […]

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