Best Ways To Improve English Pronunciation?


Pronunciation is the way in which a word is said. It can also be said the manner of speaking, the accent, diction, etc. The correct pronunciation is all that matters in English. If you know how to pronounce a word correctly, it is assumed you can speak well English.

So the bottom line is to know the correct pronunciation. In order to improve English Pronunciation, there is a task in case if you do not know where to start. There are many ways to speak English and to improve your pronunciation.

You can start communicating by following some simple techniques. It may roughly take three to six months to see the change in your pronunciation. You will feel the change for yourself.

Use media to improve English pronunciation

Watch and pay attention to English movies or TV shows to be able to improve your English pronunciation. Listen to how vowel and consonants are pronounced. While watching pay attention to how they speak, notice the tongue movements and practice it before the mirror.

There are many other options one can choose to improve pronunciation. Like children, shows are simple and slow and these could be perfect for learning English phonemes and word blending. Also just by listening and watching carefully will help you a lot in catching the pronunciation.

Another tip is to watch movies with subtitles to get ideas of words. By watching movies, TV, News broadcasts will also introduce you to commonly used phrases and terms and usually a bit of slang. The most important is to try to remember to listen to the delivery of the message than the content. One should recognize speed and clarity as it is also important.

Reading books, newspapers, and magazines will also help to improve English pronunciation. 

Don’t be ashamed to talk

Interacting with native speakers is one of the best ways to improve pronunciation, and if one is shy, and does not interact much with others then it will be a trouble for the learner and will not be able to improve the communication skills. One should encourage others to correct you if you are wrong or if you make mistakes in pronouncing a word.

Don’t feel bad if someone corrects you or points out you. This is the only way to identify mistakes and work upon it. Find someone who is also learning English as a partner, so that both of you can practice together and correct each other and it can also improve your pronunciation.

Online-classes may improve your pronunciation too, in case if you are not comfortable with your surroundings and if you are shy to interact with others face to face, online-classes or learning from youtube or videos is the best option to improve your communication.

More ideas

Always think in English and don’t translate to your mother tongue. Take up a dictionary and look for phonetic spellings and pronunciation of words, then create your own word list for later use, used thesaurus to broaden or improve your vocabulary as well as don’t forget to improve your pronunciation.


Learn to listen to others. This will give you an idea on how to speak and you will be able to analyze for yourself. Good listeners are good speakers.


Sound plays an important role in pronunciation. It matters the most. One should be able to distinguish between the various sounds and be able to pronounce it.

If you are able to get the correct sound, you will automatically get the right word. Some sounds are more important than others. Like words introduce, present. You should know where to stress and where not to.

Pronunciation Videos

There are some excellent pronunciation videos and podcasts available online to learn English pronunciation and to improve. These videos act like a guide for you to learn. You can find everything from pronunciation to sounds to pitch.

To be able to learn English pronunciation correctly, it is also important for you to know the nuances of the English language. You will not be able to master the pronunciation until and unless you understand the English language.

You must know all the vowels, their sounds, syllabus and everything about the English language so that you can learn the English pronunciation well. In this way, you will find it easy to learn and will also be able to grasp better if the foundation is strong.

The above points are just helpers and some ways suggested for you to learn easily and effectively. You can discover your own ways of learning which you feel are best for your learning. You will only get the correct pronunciation through practising and practice well. Try hard to master the pronunciation.


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