How To Be A Respected And Trusted Member Of A Remote Team?


We all know that in today’s world professional lives are moving at a very fast pace. Thousands of companies and start-ups are making fast progress employing many youths out there. One just needs to look for the right chance of getting employed in a reliable company. This blog will tell you will how to be a respected and trusted remote team member.

As professional lives are developing very fast, HR managers and team leaders have to deal with both real and virtual employees. Official workers now have a wide scope of working virtually with a particular company in a lot of ways.

It is very easy to deal with real employees through their physical presence and interactions at the office. Whereas when it comes to being a remote employee one has to keep a lot of things in mind.

Some important instructions that a remote team member can follow to be trustworthy

1. Don’t lie repeatedly

A company hires an employee with lots of expectations is it real or remote. One has to follow some basic rules to be an honest and respected professional. Competitive pressures or a desire to avoid conflict may lead employees to distort truths. Employees pick up on this quickly.

At times they think that it’s okay for them to mislead. On crucial matters employees should be honest as truthfulness creates respect and frees employees to do what’s needed. Honesty is always essential for virtual employees to follow.

2. Follow through on commitments

An employee should always restrict his promises and ensure that he fulfills those that he has already made. Virtual commitments can at times be difficult to meet. One should remember that even though virtually, but he/she has been hired to fulfill certain responsibilities.

If sometimes you can’t complete your assigned task you should have a good reason for it and let people know in advance whoever is involved with the assigned task.

3. Show fairness

Good work often calls for rewards and recognition. Similarly, poor performance also has its cons. People who work in offices get a fair chance to exhibit their skills and gain appreciation. An employee who is giving his efforts on a particular assigned task should also get his fair share of rewards and recognition.

There should be a fair distribution within the system. It is, therefore, a vice versa procedure that both the company and its remote employees should be equally fair and loyal to each other.

4. Take responsibility for errors

Passing the buck when things go wrong deflects trust. A remote team member should always take a step forward and admit his/her mistakes. It shows his strength of character to take responsibility in adversity. That is one of the most significant things that the company expects an employee to do. So model it clearly and consistently.

Ways of building trust at work

Your body language can create a strong bond of trust among your co-workers, but at the same time, it can also undermine your efforts if you’re not careful. You should always try to create a welcoming atmosphere with those who are dealing with you virtually.

The workplace can often be a beast to tackle. You should try to be someone whom others can look up to for advice. The more you develop your soft skills, the more useful you can be to others.

Share every little piece of work-related information that you have. Ask for advice if and when required. Involve in more and more communication with your team members to keep up with your trust.

Come up with innovative ideas and share them with your co-workers and team leaders so that you can stand out from the whole bunch of employees.

“How can people trust the harvest unless they see it being sown?” Hence, you should keep in mind the above measures to be a respected and trusted virtual employee.

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