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Varun is an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. He is a Trained Carnatic Singer. Manchester United Fanboy. He lives for a cup of tea and good music. At Edu4Sure, he loves to share his knowledge.

Why Should We Conduct Management Training Programs By Experts?

So did you hire Management Trainee or want your employees to go through Management Development Program by an Expert professional? then you are at right place because this article will tell you Why MDP should be done by Experts?

Why Colleges Should Conduct Workshops By Industry Experts?

A good college is one which believes and conducts its students' training by some Industry experts. Experts equip students with modern and practical skills which helps students in getting jobs. There are many reasons, let's explore!

Why Should Corporate Outsource Its Training Requirement?

Need Training but lack the right resource? No issues! You can outsource your training to some training organization which has experts. Why outsourcing, Just check out!

What Is Financial Literacy Program And Why Is It Important?

The major problem, especially in Rural and Suburban India, is the lack of basic financial knowledge. Edu4Sure as a part of CSRinitiatives runs financial literacy program. Do you think Financial Literacy is Important & if possible, can support us?

What Is Entrepreneurship Program And Why Is It Important?

An entrepreneur is a doer. Not a dreamer. Entrepreneurship is a word that has been creating a buzz for quite some time now. Above all, we have different views and opinions about who an...

How To Improve Your Work Efficiency?

If you want to grow, you must improve work efficiency. Let us discuss how?

How To Hire People For A Startup?

How to find the right people for a Startup? A startup is a young company, founded either by an individual or a group of people to deliver products or services that are not offered widely...

Can HR Become CEO Of A Company?

Are you an HR? Want to become the CEO of the company? Here, we share some examples of people who made it. Let's find out!

How Financial Abilities Help People From Non-finance Background

Are you from a Non-Finance background? No Worries! Edu4Sure has brought Finance for Non-finance professionals. Check this out.

Why Six Sigma Training Is Important For Employees?

Are you a Yellow Belt or Master Black Belt? Don't know what we are asking? Then, check this article especially curated for you which tells the importance of Six Sigma Training.

Recruitment Partner – What & Why?

Tired of taking interviews but not getting the right candidate? Why don't you try any recruitment agency to partner and find the right talent?

How To Manage A Jealous Colleague?

“Look at you, you’re doing so well!” “You are the go-to guy for our boss” “She’s getting promoted over me..!” “Here comes the star of our team!” When things seem to be going your way at the workplace,...

Intrapreneurship – Aspiring The Right Talent

If you need self-starter in your organization then Intrapreneurship culture is important. Get intrapreneurship training, create entrepreneurs within the organization & grow the business.