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I am talkative and have a keen interest in writing as I talk. You may find Hinglish in my writing style. I am here to share knowledge!

How To Choose Career Path After 10th?

 “Science, Arts ya phir Commerce?” Soon after you are done with your Board exam, that question hits you like a truck. It brings along a state of bewildered confusion and some anxiety. Meanwhile, the thought...

How To Control Peer Pressure?

“Peer Pressure”, humph! Sounds like a bhari-bharkam term, isn’t it? Now, what is this “Peer” yaar? Well, a peer is someone who shares a number of similarities with you, someone who is equal to you in...

What To Do During Adolescence

“Oh!  My little baby!” “Mera pyaara baccha!” “My little princess!” Remember that? You’re not likely to hear it now, isn’t it? All of us undergo this thorny period called adolescence. It’s a process where you bloom...