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An MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. A diligent individual who loves to explore the opportunity. At Edu4Sure, she enjoys working with business professionals and social entrepreneurs!

How Small Batch Workshops Are More Useful?

We have often observed that parents prefer small batch size for their young children and individuals when given a choice. But have you ever wondered what exactly is it that makes small batch workshops/classes...

10 Best Things We Should Consider In Interview

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of interviews? Does the mere thought of an interview make you sleepless at nights? Do you feel nervous and start to think of all...

How To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool?

In today’s SMAC era where utilizing tools like social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing have not only become a routine for a digital marketer. But using them to his advantage become the sole criteria...

Girls Love Speaking In English Than Boys

As has been famously quoted, “Language is the light of the mind.” Today in this blog, I would like to reinforce the importance of this saying by emphasizing the importance of language in our...

How To Use Facebook Page As A Marketing Tool?

It should not surprise anyone if I say that Facebook with its 166 million monthly active users, 159 million mobile active users, 85 million daily active users and 81 million mobile daily active users...

Dark Side of Education System In India

As has been rightly defined education is indeed the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world. It is not just limited to knowing but encompasses learning and understanding of different...

What Is & How To Be A Doctor?

Are you the one who is passionate about getting into a profession where changing the lives of people or rather I must say saving lives of people is a daily routine? The one who is...

How Career Counseling Helped Me (MBA or Job)?

Do you know Career Counselling helps a lot? Read the story of Sakshi Goel who was confused between MBA and Job?
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