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Aman is a Management professional. He is from NMIMS Mumbai. Aman shares some really good content for Edu4Sure subscribers especially for HR professionals.

Managing The “Change Management”

We get frustrated when there is a change in the management system. Sometimes we want to change management as well. In either case, we have to manage the change management process. Let us learn how?

Diversify To Get Ahead

Discuss the importance of Diversity in modern corporate and how we can enhance the diversification!

How To Deal With Conference Disruptions?

No matter how big your company is, there is always someone who can acts irrational and behave improperly during the meetings. Let us check "How to deal with such behavior?"

Building Success Through Learning

The blog explains the importance of constant learning and development to get ahead in your career.

Learning To Learn

The learning is important in each knowledge session. Let us discuss the ways to capture the maximum of any seminar or knowledge sharing session.

Tackling Harassment At Workplace

Do you know the different types of harassment in the office? have you ever faces any such issue? Don't get scared! Just deal with it. Here is how?

Top Recruiting Sectors In India 2019

Can you guess the Hottest Sectors of India which are hiring in 2019? Check out some really exciting recruitment opportunities in 2019. Apply, Hurry up!

Your Own Work Style And Leadership

Have you ever been unsatisfied with the work you are doing? Have you ever felt uncomfortable working with certain individuals or teams, or have others felt uncomfortable working with you? If the answer to...

The Art Of Setting Goals

Goal setting is an art. How we can do goal setting and achieve? Let us check steps towards goal setting and ways to approach it.
Handling Negative Feedback

Handling Negative Feedback

Got negative feedback but Don't know how to respond? or, Have to give feedback to someone but don't know how to handle the reaction. Make constructive feedback but how? let us find!

Countering Ego Clashes

The modern corporate workplace requires equal efforts from both genders. The global nature of teams has brought together different cultures, ethnicity and thought processes. Ego clashes are another important factor to consider. Often organizations...

Breaking The Bias

We are in 21st and surrounded by modern techniques but we still see gender bias. How we can break such a problem? let us find if there is a way to break it and eliminate forever!

Why Employees Quit?

Did your employee quit the job? Did you know the exact reason behind this? Is there a way you can control attrition? To answer such queries, let us check this interesting read.

Acing Presentations

No one will listen to you if you are not good at presentations. No matter how great your content be, you must be good at presenting too. Check, how to become good in presentation skills!

Training Required By Corporate

Hello HR! Do you know each employee needs some training in his/her career? What is this training? Let us find and implement it.