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General Questions

Blogging/ Career Awareness: Edu4Sure spreads education via blogging in the text format. In the long run, we would have Audio/ Video for the same. It is free and would always remain free. E-Books / Tutorials / Previous papers are shared. Kindly fill relevant form or Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Certification Workshops: To boost career, we conduct Digital Media Certification workshop. We have conducted many workshops in the area of Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, MS office, Abacus & Vocab Learning Tricks. We are open to more kind of workshops with the association of great educators/trainers.Every weekend we conduct small batch workshops at our office. All our workshops provide a live project & we share actionable tips & tricks with our learners. Resume support to the candidate is included in the workshops.

Branding & Promotion: Edu4Sure partners with Educational Institutes like Universities or EdTech Startups and promote their business via advertorial, banner ads, workshops & provide them leads. To know in detail, Please check our "Be Our Partner".

Admission Consulting: Partner with colleges in India & Abroad and support them in Admissions. Two of our members joined us for a leadership role, Dr. Pritesh Maheshwari, and Dr. Mani Maheshwari. The Couple consults Indian students for Medical Education in India and the foreign country. Now, We are also partnered with 4 Delhi University colleges.

Consulting (Marketing/ Branding/ Business): We have proved our Marketing & Digital strategy for our own business as a tool which helps many business owners & supports them in improving their business.

Incubation Setup: To nurture talent & entrepreneurship, We support Incubators. We ourselves are associated with 2 Private Universities & 1 Delhi University Incubator.

You may check our Team which is a great mix of skills required to run a successful business. To discuss, you may write to us at or speak with us at +91- 9555115533. Lines may be busy so an email is always preferred. We reply each mail in maximum 4 hours provided it is not in spam.
It's quite easy. You can check "Be Our Partner" page and accordingly you can fill the form. If you want to write us then you can always write us to or speak with us at +91-9555115533. To speak with the Founder & Promoters, Please request an appointment. We respond very quickly to email if you put "Urgent" in the subject line.
If you are passionate to teach then kindly fill the form "Be Our Edupreneur"

Please note the following:-
  • Your payment would be made once the client confirms the payment.
  • You would maintain professionalism with the client and all communication would involve Edu4Sure.
  • Edu4Sure has all rights to cancel your candidature in case wrong information is provided by you at any point.
  • Edu4Sure believes in Quality Education and hence you would keep yourself updated with the subject/topic.
  • Certification Training

    Yes, We do Certification Training and Events as well. We do small batch workshops ( up to 20 Students) in a batch for an effective learning. For more details, you may either call at +91-9643749760 or write to us at
    We provide Actionable Tips and share the case studies. We engage the learners and support them in their business as well. It helps them to understand the concepts.
    It is for anybody whether Students, Working professionals, Business owners or anyone who is interested in learning & keeping oneself upgrade with the skills.
    All the workshops are quite interesting & engaging and where a person learn 1 thing in 15 days, we make him/her all required things in 10 days & then person practices on a live project. Doubt sessions are also taken if required at trainee end.

    The best part of the workshop is "We share our real experience & how we build our business in this Digital world" without burning money. A Live project with us would always be provided with the workshop and hence people learn in a practical scenario.
    The duration of workshop would be for 2 days / 4 days/ 8 days depending upon the modules like Blogging/ Google Adwords Certification/ Social Media Management/ Big Data Analytics/ Vocab Building etc.
    We are associated with more than 30 colleges and conduct workshops on a regular basis at our workshop centers in Noida & Associated colleges like SGND Khalsa, NDIM, BIMTECH, Glocal, etc.
    Our Blog earns mostly from Leads Generation & Affiliates. We do share such experiences as well in our Digital Media workshops.
    20% of the Workshops goes to Conduct Educational Awareness program for those who can not get it otherwise. You can also support in our CSR activities.

    Admission Consulting

    We made our career after a lot of struggle. What we experience that there are colleges across the country and abroad which are doing better but students/parents are not aware of it.
    We highlight & Introduce the strength of such colleges. For Example, some colleges are not branded but their ROI (Return on Investment) is better.
    One more example we would like to highlight here. There was a student who could not get Admission into SRCC, Delhi University and went into depression. We conducted a workshop where we discussed other colleges which were almost same as SRCC. In fact, in abroad many colleges are better than the colleges that student could get.
    In India, the problem is not lack of talent but awareness is the biggest challenge.
    Edu4Sure always tried to fill that awareness gap.


    You must understand few things.

    ⇒ How to Plan the content.

    ⇒ How to Write the content ( SEO friendly). SEO learning is essential. Search Engine Optimized content works well.

    ⇒ How to Distribute.

    So write from Planning the content for your niche, Implementing right keywords in content & distribution, all matter to make you a ProBlogger.

    This is our one of the focus to make people educated and hone their skills so that they become independent and earn well. Blogging is not easy to manage for first few months but once you stay focused, you always do well.

    We make people learn these techniques. They can have a great side income with their job or can be a full-time blogger.

    It would also help them in generating leads for their business. Edu4Sure loves to share their own tricks and tips and that is why people love us. Most of the content is written by our Trainee & Workshop associates. You can also be our Blogger. Just sign up as "Be Our Blogger" and start writing with us. We would make sure you learn the strategies and you can write for your own blog once you learn enough!

    For our upcoming workshop, either fill the Certificate form or speak with us at +91- 9555115533. We prefer emails ( )
    There are many blogs which you can check in Blogging Category.

    If we take Content Writer as a job then it is in demand and every company needs content writers. There are companies which have more than 100 content writers. We also look for more content writers. Leave us your resume at

    Also, like we and other bloggers earn via blogging you can also earn. You just need to be focused on the right strategy of Content Planning, Writing & Distribution.

    Today it is easy to learn from the people who actually proved blogging. Take their consulting & learn. Remember right consultant can save your lot of time efforts.

    Give respect to someone else efforts to get respect for yours smiley

    You will surely rock with hard work, persistence & right guidance. Edu4Sure wishes you a great career.


    Yes, We do!

    We in fact coach people how to get associated with Affiliate agencies & earn via affiliates. We are a bootstrapped venture and we focus more on values & quality. All our affiliates are best reviewed on Google & we promote them. However, we strongly recommend checking once with someone about the brand. For Example, We are associated with Amazon but in case, you have any doubt you should explore yourself.

    If you buy from our affiliate, we get a small percentage of the purchase and it helps in building this portal & we do educate more people from economically weaker society.

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