9 Ways To Help Your Child With Career


A child is often very unsure and confused as to what he wants to pursue in his life. Thus it is the parents who need to step up and help their child make such a crucial decision. Parents always want what is best for their child. But in this sea of career choices how do you choose what is best for your child. There are enormous opportunities in today’s times. The only shortfall is that the parents are not aware enough about the career scope or the fields. Time has changed since they were in the same position so they need to work along with their child.


The time has changed and so has the responsibility of the parents. Earlier there was not that much competition. People were content with whatever they would get in their report card. But over the years there have been a lot of developments even in the education sector.

The amount of stress the kids are under has gone up. They can be seen worried about their career even at a very tender age of just 12.

The coaching centres have sprung up and sadly the teaching levels have gone down. So the parents need to accept these facts and work around them to achieve whatever is best for their child. 

Embrace your child

Every child is different. And every child has different capabilities and interests. Period. Do not force your child to become or take up something he is not passionate about. When deciding a career, one should not focus on what others are doing. Instead, focus on your child to make the right choice.

Search and surf 

The Internet is a boon not only for today’s generation that is very tech savvy but also for the parents as well. Make use of this tool to discover more opportunities and areas in which your child can prosper. There is vast information available on the net regarding each and every topic you can think of. So get exploring!

Forming a backup plan

Parents have seen the world. They know more than anybody else that life does not always work according to you. So it is better to have a backup plan as well in case the initial one does not work out. Have a good communication network with your child. Talk about the various other options your child might be interested in.

Be a supporter

Parents definitely know what is best for their child. But that does not mean that they make each and every decision for them. Yes in the initial years’ majority of the decisions were made by the parents for their child. But when they are deciding about their career, do not try to dominate them. Maybe they are going against your will and choosing a different career path for themselves but be supportive. You can give them advice but cannot make this decision for them. You need to understand that you cannot have control over them forever and need to be their support system.

Show them the truth

Children often have unrealistic dreams. This is not good for the long run. As a parent, it is your duty to guide them in the right direction. If your child has unrealistic goals then you need to help them in developing a good knowledge about the world. One cannot achieve success simply by thinking. Action needs to be taken. Hard work and determination play a vital role in deciding your future. As an example, it is often that we think that being an actor is such an enjoyable profession. They get to travel to new locations and work for 3 to 6 months on a movie and earn crores of rupees. But what we do not see is the years of struggle they had to go through to just land a role in one movie. 

Share your experience

Parents have more experience than their kids. There is no doubt about that. Parents should take the initiative and discuss with their child about their own experiences. Even if your child is thinking of joining a different career path than yours, you can always guide them along the way and show them how to tackle various situations that they might face in the world. 

Important factors to be considered

The choice of career depends on various factors like the child’s aptitude and education. His personality, strength, and weaknesses are understood by the parents. They should channel their child’s energy in the right direction. When choosing a career, parents should know about the availability of the course their child is most interested in. The scope of growth should be well understood by the parents as well as the child. This helps in making an informed decision. Do not take a decision just because of a mentality set due to society. The society does not have to live with the decision, your child and you have to.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This holds a lot of significance in today’s times.

The Last Tip

We believe you as a parent must have a unique tip for your unique child and hence we leave it to you 🙂 

Every child is unique and holds different interests and passions. To chain them with your decision is not justified. Be the wind to their wings and help them fly high. 



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