6 JEE Preparation Books Every JEE Aspirant Should Have


Known as one of the world’s toughest entrance exams, IIT JEE preparation needs in-depth planning and reliable resources. As highlighted in our last post “Role of Parents in JEE Preparation”, practice is the key to success in this examination.

Although Plancess Test Series is the best resource to strengthen your preparation for this test, you need to be strong at your theory and concepts.  This not only helps to understand every problem but also to find a solution to it.

We have created a thorough list of 6 IIT JEE Preparation Books, which every aspirant should refer to. These books are for concept building and to get a better and deeper understanding of the topics. So, this list is created by our in-house team of IITians and Plancess Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

List of top IIT JEE preparation materials

1. Concepts of Physics – HC Verma (Volume I & II)

Firstly,  Concepts of Physics is an all-inclusive book. It starts with teaching the ABC of Physics. Thus, the book makes it a perfect solution for both school students and others preparing for IIT JEE. This book authored by HC Verma is one of the most useful resources to learn the basics. Basics are important, isn’t it?

2. Physical Chemistry for Competitions – O.P. Tondon

Likewise, Physical Chemistry authored by A.S. Singh and O.P. Tondon is a useful textbook for chemistry and engineering students to appear for IIT JEE. Also, it is not just for IIT JEE preparations but also other engineering entrance examinations.

3. Mathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) – Cengage

Moreover, Cengage Learning India is a publishing house that produces several reference books for IIT JEE and higher education. Some of the study materials by this book house includes both academic & professional areas. Beyond that, books for library reference and competitive exams are available as well.

4. Higher Algebra – Hall and Knight

Furthermore, this book by Hall and Knight is a complete guide for high school students. The book consists of topics required for IIT JEE preparations like ration, harmonic progression, scales of notation, proportion and permutations and combinations. On top of that, it also contains arithmetical and geometrical progression, partial fractions, determinants, and theory of numbers.

5. Numerical Chemistry – P Bahadur

On the other hand, this book authored by Dr. P. Bahadur is a new pattern book for IIT JEE preparation and all engineering entrance examinations. It is a useful guide for students specializing in numerical chemistry. Not only that, New Pattern Numerical Chemistry is one of the most referred books for IIT JEE preparations.

6. The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part I Cartesian Coordinates – SL Loney

Finally, the Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates & Plane Trigonometry are complete books for students pursuing IIT JEE. It also can be used for advanced courses in Mathematics. Besides, students may refer to this book if they are looking for advanced level training or guidance in Mathematics.

So, IIT JEE preparation can be made easy using the above-mentioned study material. Always discuss this with your guide as well.

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