5 Vital Eatables For An IIT JEE Aspirant


Raman is an IIT JEE aspirant. He visited a Doctor and asked him what he should have some vital eatables in his diet. Usually, we do not think at that level but probably it may help us. Let us check the conversation between Raman & Doctor.

Raman: Good evening doctor.

Doctor: Good evening Raman. Welcome. How are you?

Raman: I’m a little exhausted. Actually, JEE is approaching and everything that matters right now is getting a good rank and making it to the IIT by hook or crook

Doctor: I see! So that’s what has made you look so pale, the examination tension? Or there is more to it.

Raman: Well, yes. And that’s why I’m here. My parents forced me out of the house to come and see you. Can you please help me?

Doctor: Relax Raman. Do you know that simply adding a healthy diet to your daily routine can improve your focus power and your memorization ability too? So, taking care of yourself is not just important at this time because your parents say so, but it is also important for your exams.

Raman: Ohh. I never thought it that way. So what all things should I include in my diet in order to satisfy my parents and to score well in JEE?

Doctor: Let me tell you about 5 food items that must be a part of your diet.

  1. a) FRUITS– Fruits are one of the finest eatables to fight against laziness and procrastination. They have the power to fertilize your brain and improve your study habits. There are various fruits one can add to their diet, starting from cherries to avocado, bananas to apple and many more. Every fruit has its own set of unique specialties that can help you in some way or the other to improve your performance in the exam.
  • Bananas – Filled with dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, bananas are tagged as one of the most healthy breakfast items for the JEE students. It keeps you full for a long time, thereby avoiding distractions. Eating a banana daily can cause weight gain which is good if you are underweight and weak.
  • Apples – Apple’s skin has an antioxidant called Quercetin that enhances memory power. The famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is quite true. It keeps you away from the health problems thereby making you attentive towards your studies.
  • Avocado – It contains fats that are healthy enough. They promote the blood flow, which helps in sensible functioning of your brain. It also helps reduce tension and controls the blood pressure.

b)CHOCOLATE– Chocolates are one of the best eatables used to balance your mind and body. They are rich in antioxidants that help in improving concentration.

However, milk chocolates are a little different. They enhance your memory. Everyone loves chocolates. Doctors usually advise not to eat to chocolates due to cavities. But here you have a reason to enjoy a bar of chocolate.

  1. c) WATER– The most powerful hydrating source of our body is water. Apart from this property, water also does wonders for your brain. It helps in maintaining the natural blood flow in the body by carrying blood to various parts and helps in the growth of the brain. A hydrated body is naturally quite active. This helps you to stay full of energy. Doctors suggest drinking a lot of water for a healthy functioning of the body. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water daily. If you do not have the habit of drinking water, there is an application Drink water to remind you the same, Download now.
  1. d) SALMON– Well, this point might attract the non-vegetarians. Salmon is a fish that contains Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the human brain. It increases your brain power by developing your brain tissues. Thus, it can help you by increasing your grasping power.
  1. e) BLUEBERRIES– Filled with vitamins, blueberries help to take care of the mental function of the body. It limits the level of toxins in your blood that further improves memory.

Black currents, cherries, and gooseberries also have a lot of good impact on the human brain.

Raman: Wow doctor! Thanks a lot. I will include these in my diet from today itself.

Doctor: Good. Start from today and do not procrastinate. Make all these food items a part of your daily meal not just for the time period when you have your exam but also for the rest of the life.

Raman: Doctor can you give me a diet chart to follow?

Doctor: Yes, I’ll prepare a diet chart for you by tomorrow and you can collect it from me at the same time tomorrow. I’ll also explain it to you once how to follow.

Raman: Thank you! I’ll make a visit to your clinic tomorrow.

Doctor: yes, sure. All the best for your exam

Proper diet is as essential for appearing for the exam and to pass the exam with flying colors as it is important to study well. You can study well only if you are in the right shape of the mind and health. A poor health hampers your preparation and acts as an obstacle to your studies.

So, I wish all the students appearing for JEE good health and hope that you all are in pink of your health.


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