5 Interesting Jobs Around The World (Love the 3rd)


Almost everyone would hope to have a good and interesting job. Depending on someone’s preferences, the definition of a good job will vary. While people would love to be in a job that involves joking around, having fun or drinking beer, others will find this bad or wrong.

However, almost everyone prefers being in a good work position so that his or her friends will envy him or her. While some jobs are hard to get, there are many other jobs that are easily available.

The world we live in is full of interesting people and jobs. There is a lot to be said and discussed the current world, people come up with new and interesting ideas to do the work.

Some indulge in regular marketing sector or in the normal day to day job, doing the same thing daily getting up early wearing same clothes daily doing the same work daily. Then there are other people who do what they feel passionate about doing they do photography, wall painting, game testing, android app testing, mountaineering, rock climbing, brew-master, Disney characters, etc.

They do these kinds of jobs as they are either their passion to do so or the jobs are easily available and don’t require any high qualifications to be done.

In these kinds of jobs, the salary is good because not everyone is interested in doing these kinds of jobs as the people want more to do self-business or start a company or work in the corporate world. So these kinds of jobs offer a good salary to attract people for the job.

Like if suppose you are married having kids and doing a well-renowned job in a good MNC. Then these people from Disney came to you for the job of being a Mickey Mouse or Donald duck two of the most famous character of Disney “how would you feel?”

After studying so much and doing a good renowned job, now you’re offering a job of Disney cartoon character. Your children would force you to do this job as they are their favorite characters.

The salary they would be paying you would be much more than your regular salary but the question here is “Is it worth it?”, “Is leaving your previous good job worth enough just because the money they are providing you is much more? The answer would be NO because it’s not his passion or his point of interest this job will not give him satisfaction because he has done good studies and is doing a well-reputed job which is paying him well.

So the Disney people will hire the person who is in their learning stage and are in need to do these kinds of jobs for earning. Other people do these kinds of jobs because either they required money or they have a keen interest in these kinds of jobs as they bring them pleasure.

There are a lot of interesting jobs around the world people do a lot of crazy things that inspires others also to do it or some jobs are just the best job one come across, while many jobs can be weird or awkward so very few people find it pleasing enough to do it.

Here I’m bringing you the 5 interesting jobs that people do in different parts of the world:

1. Brew Master

 Average Pay: About $49,536 (in USA)

  • About the job

This is one of the most interesting jobs in American countries, especially for people who love drinking beer. Although the job is not all about drinking beer, the roles of a brew-master vary from place to place and requirement of the company.

Some of the roles of these professionals are to develop concepts, testing beer and running the business. As such, the job involves some level of drinking also.

  • What we need to do

For this kind of job, you first need to get training through the various programs in starting from brewing institute available in the country, the USA has many brewing institutes including Seibel Institute of technology and American brewer’s guild as its two major institutes. Alternatively, you may also begin at home level.

  • Where to find this job

According to the 2010 census data, California is the state with the highest number of breweries in the country which amounts to 245. Others states with a high number of brewers includes Montana, Vermont, and Oregon.

2. Disney character

Average Pay: About $54,995

  • About the job

If you have a talent in acting, this is one of the interesting jobs to go for. To become a partner in a Disney, you first have to attend the auditions. These auditions are meant to evaluate your physical coordination, attitude, and movement rather than your communication skills.

  • What we need to do

Although this kind of job does not require any formal education, having some experience in acting and dancing is an added advantage.

  • Where to find this job

If you are aspiring to be a Disney character, you should either go to the Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida or the Disneyland situated in Anaheim, California.

3. Video Game Tester

Average Pay: About $71,685

  • About the job

This job is about testing new games and offers proposals on how to improve user experience and functionality of the games. Additionally, you may also need to research competitor games so as to help develop an outstanding game. It is one of the interesting jobs where you get to play new games before others do.

  • What we need to do

For a simple game testing job, all you need is a high school diploma and maybe a writing sample. However, other more advanced video gaming jobs require that you have some level of education in computer science and game designing.

4. Volcanologist

Average Pay: Between $30,000 and $50,000

  • About the job

Being one of the interesting jobs, this job offers an opportunity to work with universities in research and teaching as well as with the governments in hazard reduction.

As a volcanologist, you will have to travel across the world to study dormant, active and extinct volcanoes. Additionally, you will be charged with the responsibility of predicting eruptions and saving lives.

  • What we need to do

Becoming a volcanologist requires mastery in scientific fields such as Geology, Earth science, Chemistry, and Geography. Therefore, you must have at least an undergraduate degree in any of these subjects to get this job. A masters or Ph.D. degree in any of these fields will be an added advantage.

5. Spy

Average Pay: Between $55,470 and $104,140

  • About the job

The official name of a spy is an intelligence officer. To become a spy, you must be good at keeping secrets and telling lies. As an MI5 agent, you will be responsible for protecting the country against national threats.

MI6 agents, on the other hand, gather intelligence from outside the country to aid in strengthening the economic, foreign, defense and security policies in the country.

What we need to do?

To be either an MI5 or MI6 agent, you must have a minimum 2 level degree in any field, preferably in Economics, Politics, Law, Geography and History. Additionally, you are also required to have a British passport.

You need to undergo both the recruitment and vetting processes, which may take up to six months to become a spy.


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