10 Mistakes Of A Digital Marketer


We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well.

Digital marketing has evolved massively over the turn of the century. With the use of the internet, digital marketing has emerged into a completely new and independent field. Not only by the internet, but also by the use of mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium; a digital marketer can carry out digital marketing of their product or brand.

To be a good digital marketer, we need to march on and enter every aspect of life. Because in the near future Digital marketing will be like sex, only the loser will have to pay for it. As a digital marketer, one has to be smart and a quick decision-maker. Even the most experienced digital marketers occasionally have campaigns that don’t yield the desired results. But by the use of a few tactics, you can ensure that your next campaign doesn’t meet with failure by avoiding a few flaws.


  1. Not having a clear campaign goal set up.

Without a goal or aim, an organization cannot function properly. It is necessary to have a target destination which is to be achieved in a given period of time. The mark of a person’s determination shows how well he or she can stay focused on a path to acquire their mission at hand.

The digital marketer these days are going through a lot of problems as they don’t know how to connect to the people. They set up a goal to increase their campaign and use social mediums to tell others about their campaign but the goal set by them are not very successful as they do not help the campaign.

In order to discover the success of a digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to define goals (sales, calls, form completion, sign-ups, etc.) and ensure that tracking is properly set up for these goals. Without measurable objectives in mind, it becomes very challenging to measure the terms and conditions or net benefit of a campaign on product/service sales. That’s why it is important and useful to define and communicate objectives. To build the insights from a past campaign into the planning process for future campaigns a digital marketer must have the appropriate frame of mind to work dutifully on the campaign.

  1. Not targeting the right audience.

Every brand nowadays is creating fantastic and good content, to promote their brand but they will miss a great deal of opportunity if they don’t take the extra step to promote it to the right audience at the right time. Every digital communication channel is getting nosier, and it takes a lot of efforts and investments to make your content noticed. Hence, it is important to have a good team working in this direction.

In today’s competitive time it is required to work towards a definitely targeted audience; not only through personal description but also through their behavior. Take your social targeting beyond age, gender, education, and topic interest by layering on purchase intent and relevant life events.

  1. Overlooking mobile.

Mobile is becoming the dominant digital platform consumer’s use, now accounting for 62 percent of all digital media time, with apps accounting for over 50 percent of the total use. With this in mind, it is important to get your mobile strategy right in place. Start by considering how your users are already interacting with you on mobile and how you can better shape that experience. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think in their terms. It will be easier for you to find out how to improve your performance in this area.

If you have not yet developed your mobile strategy, consider whether an app would be a good platform for you to speak to your customers. And then deliver timely, relevant and meaningful content that grows your customer base and relationships. In recent times, the number of apps has increased manifold. To enhance your performance as a digital marketer it is important to consider this strategy to grasp a good customer base. Social messaging sites can also be used as a place for placement of orders or to answer any questions related to the product.

  1. Not doing A/B or split testing.

Use A/B testing to maximize the effectiveness of your email. For example, distribute the same email to a test group, but use two different subject lines. When sending the actual email, use the subject line from the two which got the maximum response and performed best. Make decisions based on actual data, not your gut feeling.

  1. Being anti-social on social media.

Social media, as the name suggests is for social interaction. It is imperative to have engaging content as well as good response time to the consumer’s queries. Such interactions help build a better and long lasting relationship between the customer and the seller. For a positive impact on business, in the long run, these activities should be carried out dutifully and enthusiastically. Many marketers forget that social media is meant to be a space for dialogue and engagement, rather than simply broadcast.

  1. Buying social media followers.

The main aim of digital marketing through social media is to promote your brand and product and create a positive image in the eyes of the customer. However, it often seems like the aim of the game is to have lots of followers and fans on your social media accounts.

Sure, it makes the organization look more reputable and popular. People, however, are becoming more aware of social media. With some tools, it is very easy to find out if you’ve bought fake followers. This sends across a very negative image and the message that you are untrustworthy. Instead, look to build a network of real people who are likely to become potential clients. Channelize your energy in fair means to increase your credibility. And then see the positive impact that follows.

  1. Hiring a third-party to represent your brand on social media.

Many people do not have much knowledge on how to use social media to their advantage to make their brand popular. This is where outsourcing comes in. Due to lack of internal resources and a lack of information about the usage of social media, people generally make the mistake of hiring another agency or person. It is a fact that no one can know about your brand as well as you do.

  1. Focusing on Quantity Over-Quality

Did you know that the lifespan of a piece of content online is only a couple of days on average? Some companies take information like that and decide to crank out high volumes of content in hopes of getting something in front of an audience over time.

Content should focus on quality and not on quantity. To target the right audience one much put forth their knowledge in the best way possible. Reader engagement is necessary rather than creating online noise which is unnecessary.

Focusing a campaign on producing and putting out high-value content is an effective strategy. Make every piece of content shareable, and then work on getting a few customers or existing audience members to share or post your content as well. In this way, the masses can be reached with similar interests and taste.

  1. Not Having Dedicated Resources to UX

When using online marketing one must keep in mind that the customer has many choices. To stand out of the lot, you must work effectively in making the best user experience to the user. This is possible only if the user can easily access your site within seconds. If the webpage loads slowly, the reader can’t easily read the font, or half the features fail to load, a reader will probably back out of the site and go somewhere else. To make and provide the best user experience possible requires a lot of money, insight, and effort. It is necessary to have a spot-on mobile and desktop user preface. Without this, other companies will take your customer away.

  1. Failing to Understand the Timeframe

Digital agencies often experience backlash with their services and support system. Success cannot be achieved overnight but requires continuous effort and time. In reality, any business that achieves success has its own story of failing. So one should not be disheartened, as success is just a few inches away. An organization should set realistic benchmarks in keeping with industry standards.

It is a new world of digital marketing which can enable us to connect with the market and provide value. For the best results, remember to put the customer first in everything you do. To achieve tremendous support from the target audience your branding goals should be on point. Keep moving forward instead of standing still. Remember,



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