Edu4Sure Digital Literacy

About Us

Since 2013, we have been focusing on educating people. Today, we are one of the leading training & recruitment organization. We have been supported by philanthropists, especially from corporate and government institutions.

We launched as an implementation agency for CSR projects in 2017.

We have been growing without any external funding and focus on clients need & best possible execution.

Our Expertise

  • Provide E-learning Content via Blogs in Text, Audio and Video
  • Conduct small batch workshops & Certificate Trainings
  • Corporate Trainings in emerging technologies
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Spread Digital Literacy through CSR Initiatives


  • 500+ Workshops
  • 70+ Consulting projects
  • 30+ Colleges Partnerships
  • 20+ Corporate Tie-ups


  • Be Our Blogger
  • Be Our Trainer
  • Support Our CSR Initiatives
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