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My Bitter Experience Of Education

by Edu4sure Team

The Article is a contribution towards My Career My Experience Initiative by Edu4Sure. Tahir Khan, a student cum professional has shared his bitter experience of education. His experience can surely wake up some educators and help many aspirants. Let's find out!

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My Experience As A Student

by Edu4sure Team

Parents are often seen quoting “ Beta agar ache se padhai kr li, to life ban jayegi” and she was always an obedient child. She took this quote quite seriously and sincerely. She left her skills of painting & concentrated upon study. Lets find our Student Champ Experience in " My Career My Experience" Series!

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Our Students and their problems

by Aayushi Ahluwalia

let us know 11 Common problems faced by every Indian student. Until we understand the problems of our students, we can not find the solutions. The problems are Common but do not forget, every student is Unique!

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